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Frequently asked questions for parents

Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services provide both general and emergency dental care. General dental care normally includes appointments for check-ups, dental x-rays, preventive care, fillings and dental scale and clean. To make an appointment for either general or emergency dental care call 1300 300 850.  If your child has facial swelling seek urgent care at your closest hospital.

Specialist services such as Orthodontics (braces) are available, but there is restricted eligibility for specialist services, for example, available to concession-card holders only. For more information on the eligibility for specialist services, refer to the Oral Health Services Eligibility Guideline.

The Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a dental benefits program for eligible children aged 2–17 years that provides benefits over two years to the child for basic dental services.

View more information about the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

For eligible children the 2-year period commences at the start of the calendar year, not from the first appointment date.

Publicly-funded oral health services are provided at no charge to eligible patients.

To be eligible children and young people must be:

  • a Queensland resident, or attending a school in Queensland; and
  • be eligible for Medicare; and
  • aged four years or older and have not completed year 10

Children younger than four or who have completed Year 10 may still be eligible for free public oral health care if:

  • they hold a current Centrelink Card, Healthcare or Pension Card; or
  • their parents have a current Centrelink Card, Healthcare or Pension Card; or
  • they are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

You must bring a current Medicare Card with your child’s name on it to dental appointments.

If your child needs emergency or urgent care, call your 1300 300 850 for an appointment. All concussion or head injuries require immediate medical attention. If outside of office hours you should seek treatment at your local hospital or a private dental practitioner.

In Metro North, dental care is provided on-site at schools through a fixed dental clinic or a mobile dental clinic (also called dental vans). Oral health care may be provided to children and teenagers in a dental clinic away from school grounds or at the Oral Health Centre in Herston. You can find more information about where a student will be seen by contacting us on 1300 300 850.

Your child’s dental care will be provided by experienced Queensland Health staff who are registered dental practitioners (oral health therapists, dental therapists or dentists) and qualified dental assistants.

Parents or legal guardians must be present for the child’s initial appointment where a medical history and consent form is required to be completed.   You may also be required to complete a Medicare bulk-billing consent form if your child is eligible for CDBS. After the first appointment, a responsible adult should attend appointments with your child. The oral health team will let you know when someone needs to attend with your child.

Parents or legal guardians may also be required to transport their children to and from dental appointments. Transport costs are not met by Queensland Health.

You can also complete a consent form for your child to receive treatment ahead of the scheduled appointment time if you wish. Print the consent form (PDF) and bring the completed form with you to your child’s appointment.

Please remember to bring your Medicare Card to your child’s dental appointment.  Your child must be listed on this card.

Children who are educated in the home or by distance education can access publicly funded oral health care, so long as they meet the eligibility criteria. Parents/legal guardians may contact 1300 300 850 for further information.

The Lift the Lip program aims to improve children’s oral health through early access to oral health care for all children aged 0 – 5 years. Child Health Nurses incorporate a Lift the Lip screening as part of the “Head to Toe” assessment undertaken at key ages, looking for signs of early childhood caries.

The Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services’ Tough Teeth Program is a multi-strategy oral health promotion program aimed at improving the oral health of primary school children in Metro North.  The application of Fluoride directly to teeth in the form of fluoride varnish is an effective and proven form of prevention.

Smarter Smiles is a free program designed to engage high school students to better care for their oral health and provide them with a supportive community.

Students can benefit from free preventive oral health services (dental screening and fluoride application) onsite at school and an oral health classroom lesson.  The school community also has access to education including a free online continuing professional development course for teachers.


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