Tahlia has her sights set on a 3D printing future

Tahlia at the Herston Biofabrication Institute’s

Isabel, Tahlia and dad Warren tour HBI facilities

Biomedical education and research assistant, Isabel, is one of the Herston Biofabrication Institute’s (HBI) biggest advocates.

The first of its kind, HBI is changing the way we approach medicine with 3D scanning, printing, modelling of bone, cartilage and human tissue and Isabel is eager to share that knowledge with the next generation.  

”I regularly take students on coursework placement through the facility.  

“However, Tahlia is definitely the youngest student we’ve had to take a tour at HBI,” Isabel said.  

Tahlia attends Hills International College in Jimboomba and is currently working on a project on 3D printed body parts as part of her grade six school curricular.   

Isabel took Tahlia, and dad Warren, through an in-depth tour through the lab to see all the types of printers and scanners in action, and examples of devices and anatomical models that were created for clinicians.  

“We are able to print exact replicas of patients’ body parts and organs, which allows surgeons to see where a break is or a tumour is present for example, so they know how to approach the surgery and where to make incisions.”  

Tahlia has been exposed to the world of 3D printing after seeing a few examples from her dad’s workplace, with Tahlia admitting, it’s likely where her enthusiasm on the topic comes from.  

“Dad helps design products and equipment for an energy company, so I have seen things being printed in 3D before.  

“I’ve known about it growing up, and have been interested ever since,” Tahlia said.  

“There are only three of us in my grade who chose this topic to present on. 

“I am creating a book, posters, and trying to get my hands on a 3D printed jaw so people can pick it up and feel it.”  

Tahlia and her dad took lots of photos of the tour at HBI which she proclaims she will be adding to her project booklets and posters.  

Herston Biofabrication Institute continues to transform how healthcare is provided by developing innovative and automated treatments as well as new interdisciplinary approaches to education and training for clinicians, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. 

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