Laurie Hallowell and Rebecca Radford

RBWH patient Lawrence Hallowell with RBWH Advance Care Planning Facilitator Rebecca Radford

Advanced Care Planning Week at RBWH

Between 22-26 March 2021, RBWH will be encouraging all Australians to discuss their future healthcare preferences with their loved ones for Advanced Care Planning Week.

Advanced care planning is about mapping out a person’s health values, wishes and preferences so they can be honoured in the future, especially if the person is unable to communicate those wishes themselves.

Planning for future health is important for everyone as it allows the person to be part of their own healthcare journey. It alerts healthcare professionals, as well as the persons loved ones, to exactly what is important to them and it guides them to ensure they are making the right decisions based on the patient’s individual preferences. It’s all about shared decision making.

RBWH Advance Care Planning Facilitator Rebecca Radford said the Advance Care Planning team at RBWH provides guidance, support and assistance to both inpatients and outpatients on their advance care planning.

“Depending on the patient and their needs, we either provide the information and let them discuss their wishes with their clinicians and family at their own pace, or we work with them closely to fill out the required documents together,” she said.

“By mapping out a patient’s wishes, values and preferences on paper to use as a guide in the future, we reduce the burden of unwanted or non-beneficial treatment, prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions, address psychosocial and spiritual needs and ensure that end-of-life care is delivered in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner.

“We encourage our patients to speak with their loved ones about their advanced care plan so everyone is on the same page.

“I haven’t met anyone who has regretted spending a couple of hours with us going through the documents. They are all very appreciative and feel confident that their wishes will always be respected.”

87-year-old RBWH patient Lawrence Hallowell recently met with the Advanced Care Planning team to develop a plan for his future healthcare.

“It feels good to know no matter what happens, my wishes will be followed,” he said.

“It completes the circle between me, my doctors and nurses and my carer. It will be really handy for me.”

If you would like to find out more about advanced care planning at RBWH, please visit or contact or 3647 4186.

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