New blockbuster unveiled at Cooinda House

Families and residents attending the Cooinda House Cinema opening

It was a star-studded blockbuster at the Cooinda House Cinema opening.

Some real-life stars and memorable movie characters attended a red-carpet gala event to premiere the new blockbuster at Cooinda House.

Cooinda residents and families were joined by Mary Poppins, Morticia Adams, Clark Kent, Little Red Riding Hood, Men in Black, Dorothy, Ghost Busters and a choir of nuns and monks from all the movies you can imagine, as part of the opening of the Cooinda House Cinema.

Specialised Aged Care Nursing Director Belinda Sawtell said the amazing new cinema, which was suggested by residents, provides a unique new experience for residents and families where they can enjoy a private ‘V-Max class-like’ cinematic experience.

“Our residents can watch their favourite movie or sporting event, or a current blockbuster privately away from the common areas,” she said.

“The cinema idea was first created when residents suggested that they wish to have an area to watch movies away from other distractions.
“Families are also excited to have movie days with their loved ones and the ability to arrange family functions where they can be together just like old times.

“This space has the potential to create lasting lifelong memories among our residents and their loved ones.”

Brian opened the vibrant new cinema with some of the key players

Brian – Cooinda House Resident Brian (second left) opened the cinema with staff and the engineers who created the dynamic cinema experience

Red Carpet – Cooinda House Ushers Little Red Riding Hood and a nun from Sister Act welcomed all the VIP movie stars along the red carpet.

Sally Meares dressed as Mary Poppins for Cooinda House Cinema opening

Mary Poppins – Marty Poppins popped in joined movie buffs at the grand opening of the Cooinda House cinema.

The cinema features comfortable reclining chairs and lounges, surround sound, cinematic curtains and sound proofing, star, mood and LED dropdown lightening, as well as a massive 86-inch LED television screen with cinema quality multimedia equipment.

The new cinema was officially opened by 90-year-old resident Brian McGarry who just wanted to watch a movie in a private area.

He is especially looking forward to the cinematic experience, which includes surround sound and mood lighting.

Belinda said we were successful in planning and transforming the space in six months with no obstacles, and the build only took a few short months.

“Everyone who has been part of the project, has been just as excited as the residents and staff to create such a beautifully-designed area,” she said.

Besides the new cinema there has been some great improvements at Cooinda House recently including:

• a new 50s diner and juke box,
• an upgraded pool room and hair salon,
• enhanced outdoor picnic and sporting areas,
• a purpose-built kitchen for residents to cook their own meals, and
• bariatric beds and rooms for residents who have additional needs.

Cooinda House, located at Kippa Ring, is a 60-bed home which provides care for the elderly who require a secure dementia environment and/or specialised residential care for those with an intellectual disability, psychogeriatric, bariatric and/or aged care needs.

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