Brighton enhancements and community focus
continues strong vision for care

Pharmacy service at Brighton Health Campus

The establishment of Pharmacy Service at the Brighton Health Campus was a key enhancement to improve the care to the frail and elderly.

Healthcare investment in the Brighton Health Campus has continued with significant improvements made to existing infrastructure, community services and patient care.

Community and Oral Health Executive Director Tami Photinos said a range of important enhancements had occurred over the past year to improve the care provided to the frail and elderly, and the community.

“In early 2020, we introduced the Brighton Health Campus Pharmacy which is enhancing our ability to access and provide medications to our unwell patients and residents as they are required,” Ms Photinos said.

“The establishment of a dedicated pharmacy is allowing us to safely and securely store more medicines, as well as to have important vaccines on hand when required.”

Full-time pharmacists are now employed at Brighton Health Campus to dispense scripts and guide clinical staff on the use of specialist medications.

“In addition, the establishment of the Brighton Wellness Hub has improved our connection with the local community, and enhanced access for frail and elderly to educational and social opportunities, as well as health support and activities,” Ms Photinos said.

Brighton Wellness hub helping local community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

The Brighton Wellness Hub is helping us to reach out and connect with the local community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples so that we can deliver better services.

“The community space is being used by the local community to gather, socialise and exercise, host events and share health information to age well and gracefully.”

The Brighton Wellness Hub have established some great partnerships with local community organisations, aged care groups, health organisations and local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Groups and Elders.

“We regularly welcome local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to the Brighton Wellness Hub for the Metro North Community Health Yarning Circle,” Ms Photinos said.

“This is providing an invaluable opportunity for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to share their experience of community health and share their thoughts about how it should look in the future.”

Additional upgrades of Brighton Health Campus have included new clinical consulting rooms and a patient gym in the Brighton Brain Injury Service, and updates to the air conditioning systems across Brighton Health Campus.

Ms Photinos said we were committed to enhancing and expanding services at Brighton Health Campus in line with the Vision for Brighton, to create a thriving community healthcare hub, and ensuring community services were delivered where needed.

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