Dr Ross from the UK has found his home Caboolture Hospital

Dr Ross from the UK has found his home Caboolture Hospital .

British doctor Ross embarks on a new chapter down under

For emergency medicine registrar Ross, the allure of Australia’s healthcare system, coupled with the country’s favourable living conditions, has landed the British export at Caboolture Hospital.

Kicking off his career at Caboolture as a principal house officer in 2019, Ross has since been reaping the rewards of the diverse hospital with a wide range of pathologies and presentations.

“Caboolture is close enough to a big city to enjoy the benefits of modern life, but rural enough to offer a diverse mix of presentations to the ED,” Ross said.

“We encounter a range of conditions with an enviable scope of acuity and complexity.”

Ross proclaims the hospital fosters good clinical acumen and effective leadership skills for the Caboolture team.

“We promote proficiency at intubation and other key critical care skills and as emergency medicine trainees, we are heavily supported in gaining six-month anaesthetics and ICU placements at Caboolture and The Prince Charles Hospital respectively.”

Caboolture Hospital is well-versed in accommodating UK exports, with Brits having infiltrated all ranks of the department

“As junior doctors, the collegiate atmosphere between us is solid, with a large proportion of us living in Brisbane, so socialising is easy.”

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