Dairy contract

Our decision to award our dairy contract to Lactalis Australia (Parmalat) means we’ll be supporting 141 Queensland-owned family farms.

Patients will be given the same Pauls milk that Queenslanders have been drinking for generations.

Unless required for their diet, patients and staff receive fresh milk products made in Australia.

Pauls is the largest milk processer in Queensland, with their main plant in South Brisbane. They employ more than 500 people locally.

We provide thousands of patients and staff with dairy products each day across our hospitals, community health centres, residential care centres, inpatient mental health services, and cafeterias.

We assess our contracts according to the criteria of the tender, in line with the Queensland Procurement Policy.

Lactalis/Pauls can supply the range of full and low-fat products required including milk and yoghurt, to meet the dietary standards and varied requirements of our patients.

LD&D Australia (Lion) will provide two products which only they provide in the required portion sizes.

Supporting Queensland companies is important. That’s why we’re happy to be supporting Queensland farming families through our dairy contract.  

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