Hospital in the Home shares patient experience

A new Hospital in the Home video has been developed for patients and clinicians to showcase the ease and benefit of being cared for in their own home.

Community and Oral Health Executive Director Tami Photinos said Hospital in the Home provided care in the home for common conditions that can be easily and safely be treated at home.

“Hospital in the Home provides care to patients across North Brisbane and Moreton Bay for conditions such as blood clots, pneumonia, and a wide variety of infections and medical conditions,” Ms Photinos said.

“Hospital in the Home treats thousands of patients each year and helps them avoid being in the hospital for periods that are longer than necessary.

“The care we provide is the same standard of care as you would receive in hospital, but in the comfort of your home.”

The new Hospital in the Home video explores three patient experiences with the Hospital in the Home service and our professional nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

“I would really like to thank everyone involved in the video, especially our patients Penelope Mogensen, Sidney Anderson and Sharon Rylands, and The Prince Charles Hospital’s Dr Alex Chaudhuri,” Ms Photinos said.

“They have given up their valuable time and allowed us to come into their homes and work places to gather their thoughts about and experiences with the service.”

Ms Photinos said the care we provided in the home varied depending on the patient and their condition, and usually involved visits from nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and even social workers.

We hope you enjoy the video.

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