Olive celebrates her 103rd birthday at STARS

STARS patient Olive celebrating her 103rd birthday with her son Bob.

While spending your birthday in hospital isn’t ideal, the team at Ward 5B STARS made the day a very memorable one for patient Olive who reached the amazing age of 103!

The former Army parts interpreter celebrated the occasion in the beautiful patient lounge at STARS which staff decorated with balloons, a garland and giant silver foil 103 numbers.

Olive was suitably chuffed with the impromptu party.

“I’ve still got all my faculties,” Olive said, as she opened her birthday cards and listened to everyone singing Happy Birthday.

So, what is her secret to living such a long and happy life?

“Having a loving family and doing whatever makes you happy,” Olive advises.

Olive has had an eventful life, including an enlistment in the Army in 1945 where she met her future husband, a dispatch rider.

She was also a very good seamstress, making many of the family’s clothes.

She still loves reading and can be found reading her copy of Women’s Weekly – with a little help from a reading magnifier.

Olive’s son Bob was also in attendance and brought along her favourite type chocolate cupcake for the celebration.

“She was a very good cook in her day and her speciality was a chocolate cake. The family recipe has now been handed down to my youngest son who also likes to bake,” Bob said.

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