From pastry chef to nurse, Barry’s second career takes the cake.

Barry Moore, Nurse in Rehabilitation Ward 4B at STARS

Barry Moore, Nurse in Rehabilitation Ward 4B at STARS

Nurse Barry Moore works in ward 4B at the Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS), caring for patients who are undergoing rehabilitation.

“Rehabilitation is a very specialised nursing practice as it involves caring for patients with a wide range of conditions and requires staff to be multi-skilled,” Barry said.

“I originally did one of my hospital placements in a rehabilitation ward and I remember accompanying a patient who was being discharged to the car and it was such a rewarding feeling seeing them finally at a place where they could go home.

“That’s the best part of the job, following patients on their rehabilitation journey. Supporting them from when they first arrive and are often quite overwhelmed to seeing them reach their personal goals.”

Before entering a career as a nurse, Barry worked as a pastry chef in London.

“I completed my chef apprenticeship in a luxury hotel in Kent and later worked in a three Michelin star, fine-dining restaurant on London’s Park Lane. I made gateaux, tarts and all types of British puddings.”

Despite appearing worlds apart, Barry has found that his pastry chef career shares some similarities with being a health professional.

“When I was pastry chef I learned about cross contamination and the importance of having clean hands. Practicing good hand hygiene is important in keeping the customer or patient safe,” he said.

“A long career in hospitality has also been great preparation for the shift work in nursing – I actually prefer the doing the late shifts.”

Barry has some advice for those people who are thinking of a career switch later in life.

“Chase your dreams and embrace new challenges- don’t be scared of taking on something different,” he said.

Barry is still a dab hand in the kitchen, sharing cooking duties with his wife who is also an ex-chef.

“A simple, glazed lemon tart would have to be my speciality. It is a classic that never disappoints.”

The team at STARS are hoping that Barry’s creations might make an appearance in the annual STARS cupcake competition later in the year.

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