ED registrars, nurses and QAS staff collaborate on patient transfer workshops

ED registrar with QAS staff

Kasey (QAS), Oonagh and Teresa (QAS) collaborate on patient transfer workshop

Emergency Department staff at Redcliffe Hospital have been put through their paces, learning how to quickly and effectively transfer critically ill patients in conjunction with the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Redcliffe ED Registrar, Oonagh Mitchell, recently conducted a four-hour workshop with fellow registrars and nurses, aimed at improving the skills and confidence of ED staff in transferring critically ill patients.  

“This workshop is the first of its kind, involving both ED staff and QAS.  

 “ED registrars are regularly expected to transfer patients to other areas of the hospital, or to other organisations via QAS.  

“This workshop will give them the tools required if things go wrong,” Oonagh said. 

The workshop aims to offer a basic framework for the preparation and management of critical care patients, through a series of interactive talks, practical workshops and simulations.  

“Evidence shows that training medical and nursing staff in patient transfer improves patient outcomes. 

“My aim is to further develop this project in the future and host similar workshops in further EDs throughout Queensland.”

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