The Prince Charles Hospital calls for collaboration with Cystic Fibrosis Queensland    

Queensland’s premier heart and lung hospital has hit back at allegations that their Cystic Fibrosis (CF) unit is putting patients at risk.

The Prince Charles Hospital’s Executive Director of Medical Services Dr Donna O’Sullivan said the CF unit is internationally renowned for providing world class care to patients with complex lung conditions.

“The latest data shows patient outcomes at the hospital are comparable with other large CF units in Australia,” Dr O’Sullivan said.

“In fact, we regularly have international healthcare professionals visit the unit to learn from our experts in this field.

“Our highly qualified and compassionate staff care for patients with CF in a dedicated facility that has been designed to reduce the risk of cross infection.

“We have continued to make improvements to the unit over the last couple of years and we are planning to provide en-suite bathrooms in the CF unit.”

Dr O’Sullivan said the hospital met with Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Chief Executive Ms Fraccaro last week to discuss these plans.

“It is disappointing to read negative comments considering we remain committed to improving our facility,” Dr O’Sullivan said.

“We ask Cystic Fibrosis Queensland to work with us to support our CF unit to ensure that we continue to make evidence-based improvements that will make a difference to our patients.”

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