STARS patient Nemani goes home after 187 days in hospital

Nemani Ranuve was thrilled to be heading home after a long stay at STARS.

Tin Can Bay local Nemani Ranuve has seen many milestones in the past 187 days in our care. From Christmas in a coma in RBWH ICU to his 21st birthday in the STARS rehabilitation ward – and now he’s ticked the big one off the list as he walked out the doors to go home.

Having learned to walk, talk and eat again after being hit by a motorbike while crossing a road with friends in his hometown, Nemani has come leaps and bounds to be able to leave STARS following a lengthy rehabilitation process.

Nemani was joined by his mum Jill and sister Georgia attesting to how his road to recovery has been constant work.

“I couldn’t walk, talk, sit up or eat and I had to learn to do it all again,” Nemani said.

“I was on soft foods for months and the day I was allowed to have a toasted sandwich was one of the best.

“For now I just want everyone to be safe on the roads, and keep pushing forward if you’re working towards recovery.”

For Nemani’s mum Jill, his recovery has been nothing short of a miracle.

“He was in an extremely bad way when he landed here and we were told not to expect him to come out of ICU, but he did. He’s a fighter,” she said.

STARS physiotherapy team leader Dharsha Petrie was just one of many healthcare workers who joined Nemani on his journey, with nurses, doctors, speech therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists rallying together to get him to where he is today.

For Dharsha, Nemani’s commitment to his rehabilitation was truly crucial in his recovery which she says was marked by perseverance and patience.

“He demonstrated unwavering determination to participate in his rehab, consistently engaging in therapy and his exercises, and his motivation and resilience over a prolonged period were key,” she said.

“We provided a structured and comprehensive approach to his rehab, with a team experienced in treating individuals with brain injuries, and the supporting environment playing a vital role in maximising his potential.

“He was unable to move in bed or sit without assistance, so to see him shooting hoops now is just fantastic.”

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