VR- Caboolture Hospital Paediatric Unit Nurse Unit Manager Michelle Hutch testing the VR device.

Virtual reality helping young patients

It’s amazing how much good a jar of pasta sauce can do to help sick kids!

The Common Good has used funds from the National Curing Homesickness initiative to purchase virtual reality goggles, which provide an immersive and interactive experience for young patients in the Paediatric Unit at Caboolture Hospital.

Caboolture Hospital Paediatric Unit Nurse Unit Manager Michelle Hutch said the goggles distracted children, taking them through virtual reality adventures while clinical teams provided treatment.

“This helps reduce the anxiety produced by children when admitted to hospital and allows nursing and medical teams to provide appropriate care with minimal psychological harm,” Michelle said.

The Curing Homesickness Initiatives receives 50 cents from each bottle of specially branded pasta sauce Mum’s Sause (yes, that is the correct spelling!) sold at Coles to fund initiatives across Australia that help get children home from hospital sooner, such as virtual reality goggles.

“The children that have used the goggles have be grateful for the donation,” Michelle said.

The Common Good is also well on the way towards providing other initiatives that will improve the care we can provide for children at Caboolture Hospital. Thanks for your support!

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