Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all conditions for outpatient services and does not exclude consideration for referral unless specifically stipulated in the out of scope section.

Pediatric services

Referrals for children and young people should follow the Children’s Health Queensland referral guidelines.

Emergency department referrals

All urgent cases must be discussed with the on call Neurology Registrar to obtain appropriate prioritisation and treatment. Contact through:

  • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (07) 3646 8111
  • The Prince Charles Hospital (07) 3139 4000
  • Redcliffe Hospital (07) 3883 7777

Urgent cases accepted via phone must be accompanied with a written referral and a copy faxed immediately to the Central Patient Intake Unit: 1300 364 952.

If any of the following are present or suspected, please refer the patient to the emergency department (via ambulance if necessary) or seek emergent medical advice if in a remote region.


  • Headache with concerning features:
    • sudden onset/thunderclap headache
    • severe headache with signs of systemic illness (fever, neck stiffness, vomiting, confusion, drowsiness)
    • first severe headache age > 50 years
    • severe headache associated with recent head trauma
    • papilloedema
    • > 50 years with raised CRP/ESR or if giant cell arteritis or vasculitis suspected

Movement disorders

  • Ocular

Progressive loss of neurological function

  • Acute onset severe:
    • ataxia
    • vertigo
    • visual loss
  • Acute severe exacerbation of known MS


  • Status epilepticus/epilepsy with concerning features:
    • first seizure
    • focal deficit post-ictally
    • seizure associated with recent trauma
    • persistent severe headache > 1 hour post-ictally
    • seizure with fever

Stroke/transient ischaemic attack (TIA)

  • Patient with acute neurological symptoms of a stroke; multiple/crescendo TIA
  • New acute symptoms

Other referrals to emergency

  • Altered level of consciousness
  • Bilateral limb weakness with or without bladder and/or bowel dysfunction
  • Acute rapidly progressive weakness (Guillain-Barre Syndrome, myelopathy)
  • Delirium/sudden onset confusion with or without fever

Out of scope services

Not all services are funded in the Queensland public health system. The following are not routinely provided in a public Neurology service:

  • Mild or tension headache
  • Untreated headache/migraine
  • Botulism toxin treatment for migraine
  • Dementia without prior assessment by physician or geriatrician
  • Syncope (consider Cardiology)
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue syndrome
  • Lyme Disease
  • Head Injury including concussion (consider Neurosurgery)
  • Back and Neck Pain (See specific Spine CPC)
  • Chronic Unexplained Pain / Pain Syndrome
  • Whiplash injuries

Clinic details

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
Level 7, Ned Hanlon Building

The Prince Charles Hospital
Specialist Clinics, Ground Floor

Redcliffe Hospital
Level 1, Specialist Outpatient Department, Main Building

Specialists list

Send referral

Hotline: 1300 364 938

Medical Objects ID: MQ40290004P
HealthLink EDI: qldmnhhs

Metro North Central Patient Intake
Aspley Community Centre
776  Zillmere Road

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