Nuclear Medicine and Specialised PET Services

The Department of Nuclear Medicine provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic scans and therapeutic procedures for both adults and children.

Location specific information

The Department of Nuclear Medicine facilities located at RBWH and TPCH provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic scans and therapeutic procedures for both adults and children.  Please contact the Department for more information about the procedures offered:

TPCH:  (07) 3139 4860

RBWH: (07) 3646 7593

To date, Medicare guidelines do not permit us to accept referrals from General Practitioners for PET services. We will immediately issue a notification if the situation changes.

Standard referral guidelines

Justification is a shared responsibility between the requesting Doctor and the Imaging Department.  To assist us in ensuring scan appropriateness, in selecting the most appropriate image protocol and to reduce diagnostic error, please provide the following essential information (Please avoid abbreviations as they have multiple meanings).

If the referral is incomplete or contains insufficient information, it may be returned.

To help with the accurate categorisation of patients’ referrals, please ensure as much information as possible is provided.

Referral Requirements

  • Date of referral
  • Patient information:
    • Full name, date of birth, contact details, postal address or contact address (if not the same as usual residence)
    • Allergies (drug/ topical preparation)
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status (if applicable)
  • Referring practitioner:
    • Full name, address and contact details
    • Provider number and signature
  • Patient referral information:
    • Image study requested
    • Detailed reason for referral (e.g. for diagnosis, staging, pre-operative assessment, investigation, selection of therapy, guidance of treatment, assessment of treatment effectiveness, or other)
    • Provision diagnosis
    • Please explain if you consider this referral urgent
    • Relevant information about patient’s condition such as previous medical/ surgical treatment (include systemic and topical medications prescribed for the condition) and any associated medical conditions which may affect the condition or its treatment (e.g. Diabetes)
    • Relevant recent investigations (pathology, radiology, histology etc)
    • Current medications and doses, prescribed and over the counter (Note any recent changes in drug therapy)

  • Relevant social and Family history
  • Smoking & alcohol history (if applicable)
  • South Sea Islander status (if applicable)
  • Interpreter requirements (if applicable)

More information

  • Patient weight (in large or small patients and in different ages, consideration should be given to adjustment of the administered activity)
  • Can the patient lie flat?
  • List any red flags, alarm symptoms or warning signs
  • Has the patient had a recent NM test?
  • Has the patient had recent contrast?
  • Is the patient pregnant?
  • Breast feeding
  • Claustrophobic

  • Indicate if any of the following applies to your patient:
    • Diabetic
      • On insulin
      • On metformin
    • Pregnant
    • Breast feeding
    • Claustrophobic
    • Unable to lie flat
    • Weight

  • >70 years;
  • Hx Renal insufficiency
  • On metformin
  • Previous reaction to radiological contrast (provide details)

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above please provide serum creatinine, eGFR and date tested

Please Note:

If sufficient information is not provided, you and your patient will be notified in writing that we are unable to safely clinically categorise and place the patient on an appropriate wait list until this information is received.

Once a completed referral has been accepted and categorized, you will receive advice that your patient has been placed on the waiting list.

Please maintain clinical supervision of your patient’s condition prior to the initial consultation with the specialist.

Please notify Central Patient Intake (CPI) of any significant change in their condition.

Specialists list

Send referral

Hotline: 1300 364 938

Medical Objects ID: MQ40290004P
HealthLink EDI: qldmnhhs

Metro North Central Patient Intake
Aspley Community Centre
776  Zillmere Road

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