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Community engagement

Metro North is working closely with the developer, Australian Unity, to ensure the community is kept informed about Herston Quarter. Australian Unity is engaging with local residents, staff, patients and existing partners within the Herston Health Precinct to understand any concerns relating to the redevelopment of Herston Quarter and how we can work together.

Australian Unity publishes a monthly enewsletter and the community can subscribe to receive the enewsletter. Information about site activity is also regularly published on the Australian Unity Herston Quarter website.

Herston Quarter master plan consultation

The Herston Health Precinct is changing with exciting new development at Herston Quarter. Australian Unity, in consultation with Metro North Hospital and Health Service, is finalising its master plan after seeking feedback from the community, staff, students and visitors. More than 570 survey responses were received to help guide the design of the plan. Thank you to all who participated.

What’s next?

Community Information Sessions featuring the master plan are planned for the coming months. For regular updates, subscribe to receive the Herston Quarter e-newsletter at Australian Unity Herston Quarter website.

Statutory notification

Public notification of the proposed development scheme for the Herston Quarter Priority Development Area (PDA) has concluded.

The 30-business day public notification period for all interested parties to make a written submission was held from 7 August to 18 September 2017.

Submissions received during the notification period were considered and in some cases, amendments have been made to the final development scheme which was approved by the Queensland Government. As a result of the public notification, the height of the proposed 30-storey residential tower has been reduced to a maximum of 20 storeys. Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has prepared a submissions report, and the report and final development scheme are available online.

EDQ is the State’s planning authority responsible for the preparation of the development scheme, a regulatory document that controls land use, infrastructure planning and development for Herston Quarter.

Previous consultation

Consultation was held prior to the Herston Quarter Redevelopment Project being transitioned to Metro North Hospital and Health Service in March 2017 as lead partner to oversee developer, Australian Unity, and manage the project.

In February 2017, EDQ distributed a newsletter about the proposed development and associated planning process to the community.

During 2015 and 2016, the Queensland Government conducted stakeholder briefings, established a website, distributed correspondence from government representatives, and distributed several enewsletters to subscribers. Consultation also included a publicly notifiable community workshop held in December 2015 to help shape the masterplan for the Herston Quarter. These activities were undertaken by Queensland Treasury on behalf of the Queensland Government.

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