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Communicate better

From January to May this year the ADIS-Link Direct Referral Service (Alcohol and Drug information Service)has streamlined the process for people seeking drug and alcohol support. During January to May 2020, ADIS-Link provided 195 assertive referrals to Metro North and Metro South services.Read more
The Better Together Health van was launched in March to provide healthcare information and services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Brisbane’s north. The van has also provided critical COVID-19 education and support.Read more

Better Together Health Van


Speech bubbles21,580

Interpreter services engagements with the
Top 3 languages:
Arabic | Mandarin | Cantonese
Metro North Interpreter Service has seen an 8.5% increase in translation services since 2019, despite COVID restrictions. The service has provided 14,848 onsite, 5,508 telephone and 57 video appointments in 2020.

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More than 7,000 patients have provided feedback on their experience as part of the patient reported experience measures (PREMS) trial. The experience survey was offered in three languages across six departments.
Compliments received
in 2019–20

Complaints received
in 2019–20

96.2% Complaints acknowledged in 5 days
in 2019–20

91.1% Complaints resolved
in 35 days

in 2019–20

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