Director of Nursing and Midwifery Andy Carter farewells RBWH

Andy Carter

After nearly three years as Director of Nursing and Midwifery at RBWH, Andy Carter is leaving the team to take up a role elsewhere. Andy has been at Metro North since 2012, working at The Prince Charles Hospital and Community and Oral Health prior to joining RBWH.

In his three years at the Royal, Andy said he has watched with “huge pride and awe” the organisation manage to COVID-19, fever clinics, vaccination centres, COVID wards, floods and significant surges in occupancy.

“During these pressures the commitment to patient care and each other has never faltered,” Andy said.

Andy said the most notable achievement during his tenure has been the successful introduction to RBWH of the ambassador role, led initially by Surgery and Perioperative Services, and listening to the experiences of staff in relation to increased feelings of safety.

“Our ambassadors are a vital and hugely valued team member in creating a feeling of safety and support in the clinical environment for both our staff and patients,” Andy said.

The departing Nursing and Midwifery Director thanked everyone at the RWBH for the “incredible care” they provide each day, as well as their passion, commitment and support. He said joining at such a challenging time had only made his experience more rewarding.

“It is often not the length of time you spend in a place, but the situations you encounter during your time, that makes you feel part of the team,” Andy said.

“Joining RBWH when I did gave me an opportunity to work alongside all grades of staff in fever clinics (outside ETC and at QUT), on wards, responding to lockdowns and in response to floods, that often in the DONM role you would not normally do.

“That has given me an understanding of the history, the pride, and the amazing people that make RBWH so valued by the community and by Queenslanders. Thank you all.”

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