World-first breast scaffold offers safer reconstruction option

Metro North Health’s Herston Biofabrication Institute and Comprehensive Breast Cancer Institute have joined forces for a world-first breast scaffold surgery, set to pave the way globally for women requiring breast reconstruction with a safer alternative to silicone implants.

Prof Owen Ung and Dr Michael Wagels

Prof Owen Ung (Comprehensive Breast Cancer Institute) and Dr Michael Wagels (Herston Biofabrication Institute)

The clinical trial saw the first patient operated on in late June 2022, where the ground-breaking procedure was unveiled following decades of research and collaboration with partners across the world.

Patient Moana Staunton had her breast implants removed after experiencing unexplained symptoms and illness, which were replaced with a bioresorbable 3D printed scaffold injected with her own fat cells.

Over the next two years, the innovative scaffold will dissolve, leaving Ms Staunton with only her natural tissue in the body.

Working closely with its partners including German medical technology company BellaSeno and Queensland University of Technology, the cross-institute project has significant implications for not only women experiencing breast implant-related illness, but for women who have had cancer and required mastectomy, with limited reconstructive options available until now.

The Phase One clinical trial will recruit 15-20 eligible patients and will run until each patient has received two years of follow-up.

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