Collaborative Prescribing Initiative Optimising Patient Safety

The STARS Pharmacy Rehabilitation Team is achieving safe outcomes for patients as they transition across the continuum of care.

Transitions of care are typically a period of high risk for medication errors. This risk is elevated at STARS where patients are being transitioned from the paper medication chart used in Metro North hospitals to the digital integrated electronic Medical Record (ieMR) used at STARS.

The STARS Pharmacy Rehabilitation Team supports both clinicians and patients through an innovative collaborative prescribing initiative. On admission to STARS the team optimise components of medication safety such as best possible medication history and medication reconciliation. The patients’ medications are entered into the electronic patient record, ensuring the patient receives the required medications.

This initiative ensures a high level of medication oversight at a risky time for medication error. As a result, STARS patients are at lower risk of medication harm as they start their rehabilitation journey.

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