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Rapid Access Services

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    Metro North Health is piloting a number of Rapid Access Clinics and Services. These services provide assessment and treatment to patients requiring escalation of care. They aim to bypass the need to attend ED where this is avoidable.

    Referrals can be made by calling the Metro North Clinical Advice Line on 1800 569 099, Monday to Friday, 8am – 4.30pm.

    This page will be updated as further services are made available.

    General Medicine Rapid Access Clinic (RAC) – The Prince Charles Hospital Catchment

    This clinic provides adult patients in the TPCH catchment area with a rapid general medicine clinic assessment and treatment (within 2-3 business days). The aim is to prevent an avoidable Emergency Department (ED) presentation by providing an early specialist intervention (but shouldn’t be seen as an alternative to an outpatient clinic referral).

    Operates Monday to Friday 8am -4.30pm.

    • Hemodynamically stable, general medical, adult patients.
    • Referrals may include management for patients with an acute flare of their chronic disease, wound review, low risk TIA review, hypertension, abnormal investigations or pathology that does not require emergency management.

    Exclusion criteria:

    • Systemically unwell patients.
    • Not suitable for conditions such as acute chest pain, shortness of breath, or those requiring intravenous therapy or emergency care.
    • Existing patients known to an oncology/palliative/respiratory/cardiology specialist at TPCH. These should be referred to those specialities if their condition requires specialist review.

    Please call via the Metro North Clinical Advice Line on 1800 569 099 Monday to Friday 8am -4.30pm.

    If the patient is accepted by the consultant for the RAC clinic, the patient is contacted directly by an admin officer to arrange an appointment time within 2-3 business days after referral. The patient does not need to present to the emergency department.

    Please provide your patient with TPCH General Medicine Rapid Access Clinic patient information flyer.

    Why you want the patient seen, past medical history, current medications or those already tried, recent relevant investigations and if you are the patient’s usual GP.

    You will receive a letter detailing the recommended management plan for the patient (also available on “The Viewer”). You will be notified if the patient does not attend.

    Call the TPCH General Medicine RAC Nurse on (07) 3139 6721.

    Rapid Access to Community Care Service – Metro North wide catchment

    Rapid Access to Community Care (RACC) provides timely access to community care for community adult clients to prevent avoidable hospital presentations.

    RACC accepts direct clinician to clinician referrals via phone from GPs for adult patients experiencing chronic disease exacerbation and illness requiring rapid community response.

    Operates Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm.

    General Practitioners and Practice Nurses can now refer adult patients who are experiencing an exacerbation of a chronic condition or a new illness or injury that require rapid, comprehensive, community assessment or advice as an alternative to hospital presentation.

    Exclusion Criteria

    The service will not accept referrals for patients when;

    • Primary issue of concern is acute mental health presentation
    • Primary issue of concern is alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
    • Safety concerns exist for home visiting staff
    • Patient resides in Residential Aged Care Facility

    Two options for GPs:

    1. Phone:

    Please call via the Metro North Clinical Advice Line on 1800 569 099 Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm.

    1. Electronic

    Referrals can also be sent via GP Smart referrals to the central patient intake unit.

    The RACC clinical nurse and/or occupational therapist (depending on the reason for referral) will initially assess the patient in their own home within 1 business day and refer on to the most appropriate, established community support services including:

    1. Metro North Community Health services:
      • Post Acute Care
      • Coordinated, complex, multidisciplinary care
      • Allied health services  e.g. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Speech Therapy, Social Work, Podiatry, Pharmacy medication review
      • Nursing Care
      • Geriatrician
      • Rehabilitation
      • ACAT
      • Diabetes
    2. PHN Team Care Coordination (noting that GPs can continue to direct refer to Team Care Coordination)
    3. Non-Government Organisations
    4. My Aged Care
    5. Home support

    Why you want the patient seen, past medical history, current medications.

    Feedback will be provided to the referrer by the RACC Team.

    Call the service on 1300 220 922.

    Contact us

    Metro North Clinical Advice Line
    Phone: 1800 569 099
    Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am – 4.30pm

    TPCH General Medicine RAC
    Phone: (07) 3139 6721

    Rapid Access to Community Care (RACC)
    Phone: 1300 220 922

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