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Queensland Health Spirometry Training Program

Program objective

The Spirometry training program provides clinicians with the skills, knowledge and specific competencies required to perform spirometry to international standards and Queensland Health guidelines. Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • explain the purpose of spirometry testing
  • identify the contraindications to spirometry testing
  • conduct spirometry testing with adults and children to international standards and local guidelines
  • produce acceptable and repeatable results and recognise inaccurate test performances
  • interpret spirometry test results
  • implement quality assurance processes to ensure the accuracy of spirometry tests.

The program prepares participants for a range of roles including working with adults and children, in tertiary healthcare facilities, community and rural health, occupational health and screening services, outreach services, private practice specialist respiratory services, general practice, pathology services, research.


The Spirometry training program is comprised of:

  • online education—covering five modules
  • a one day practical skills workshop
  • a workplace portfolio assessment.

Successful completion of all components is required to attain a certificate of completion.

The online education is comprised of five self- paced modules that cover the background knowledge required for spirometry practice. Completion of the online modules should take approximately 4–6 hours and must be completed no more than three months prior to attending the workshop.

Successful completion of the online education is a pre-requisite for attendance in the practical skills workshop.

iLearn registration for non-QH participants

The first component of the program is the online Spirometry Education course, which is a pre-requisite to the workshop. To access the modules you will need to register with iLearn, the QH learning management system. (https://ilearn.health.qld.gov.au). Please refer to the detailed iLearn registration instruction.

You will receive a confirmation email and instructions for a password reset when your iLearn registration is complete.

Contact QHSTP@health.qld.gov.au as soon as you receive a confirmation email. Access to the online modules will then be assigned to you.

The one day practical skills workshop will enable clinicians to develop and demonstrate competency in conducting a spirometry test, interpreting results and ensuring quality control of spirometry equipment and processes.

To assist in the transfer of skills into the workplace, the practical skills workshop includes the completion of a workplace portfolio assessment—to be completed in the workplace or as negotiated with the workshop assessor.

The portfolio requires at least 10 spirometry tests, including calibration reports, to be submitted. The completed portfolio must be received by the workshop trainer no more than two months after attending the workshop.

The workshop trainer will provide ongoing support towards the completion of this assessment.

Queensland Health is committed to high quality spirometry practice and requires currency of practice to be demonstrated regularly and is dependent on the industry in which it is performed.

Currency of practice can be shown through attendance at professional development activities—for example, a spirometry refresher course, observation by an approved assessor in a respiratory laboratory, observation by an approved assessor in the workplace or other means, as negotiated with an approved assessor.

All workshops are suitable for those participants requiring refresher training. Refresher participants are required to submit recently performed spirometry test reports accompanied by a coversheet 14 days prior to the workshop. The coversheet will be sent to participants upon enrolment. There are no post-workshop requirements.

Access to the online education modules will be arranged after enrollment and payment of course fees. All other learning and assessment guides and resources will be supplied at the practical skills workshop.

Queensland Health employees

You have an existing iLearn account.  QHSTP will assign online pre-requisite course to this account.  Please refer to the information sheet for instructions about accessing and navigating the online course.

For non Queensland Health employees

You will need to register with the QH Learning Management system ilearn to obtain an account.  Please refer to the information sheet for instructions to create an ilearn account.  You will receive a confirmation email and instructions for a password reset when your registration is completed.  This may take a couple of days.

Contact QHSTP@health.qld.gov.au as soon as you receive a confirmation email. Access to the online modules will then be assigned to you.  

Please register as soon as possible to allow enough time to complete the online course. It is a pre-requisite to the workshop.

Fees for the training program are:

  • $275 for Queensland Government staff
  • $550 for non-Queensland Government staff (Inclusive of GST)
  • $330 for Refresher Course (Inclusive of GST)

This includes online education modules, practical skills workshop (with catering) and all associated resources and assessments.

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Contact us

Phone: (07) 3139 4755
Email: QHSTP@health.qld.gov.au

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