Cognitive Impairment and Dementia


Emergency department referrals

All urgent cases must be discussed with the on call Surgical Registrar to obtain appropriate prioritisation and treatment. Contact through:


Urgent cases accepted via phone must be accompanied with a written referral and a copy faxed immediately to the Central Patient Intake Unit: 1300 364 952.

If any of the following are present or suspected arrange immediate transfer to the emergency department (via ambulance if necessary) or seek emergent medical advice if in a remote region.

  • Very rapid onset of cognitive +/- other neurological symptoms
  • Suspected delirium deemed unsafe to manage in the community by the treating medical practitioner
  • Imminent safety risk to self or others

Out of scope services

The following are not routinely provided in a public Cognitive Impairment and Dementia service.

  • Outpatient follow-up of adults for acquired brain injury or neuro developmental disorders i.e., except whether there is a new onset of memory/cognitive decline
  • Presentations that would be more appropriately assessed and managed by specialist mental health service e.g. where a primary psychiatric diagnosis (e.g. major depression, generalised anxiety disorder, schizophrenia) is the most likely cause of the patient’s presenting symptoms
  • Assessments of financial and testamentary capacity
  • Formal occupational therapy driving assessments

Intervention Criteria

** Ideally, in future these services would be included as part of a comprehensive Ax and Mx team.

Specialists list

Send referral

Hotline: 1300 364 938

Medical Objects ID: MQ40290004P
HealthLink EDI: qldmnhhs

Metro North Central Patient Intake
Aspley Community Centre
776  Zillmere Road

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