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STARS executive team

Debbie McNamara

Dale Dally-Watkins

Executive Director STARS

Gail Robinson

Director, Medical Services

Dr Jason Jenkins

Dr Jason Jenkins

Director, Procedural Services

Kellie Stockton

Michelle Stute

Director, Allied Health

Dale Dally-Watkins

Ben Hackwood

Acting Director of Nursing

Professor Nadine Foster

Professor Nadine Foster

Director of Research and Education, STARS

Ann Birch

Ann Birch

Facility Services Director

Dr Vikram Joshi

Director, Geriatric and Rehabilitation Services

Scott Parkinson

Acting Nursing Director, Geriatric and Rehabilitation Services

Cassandra Sampson

Cassandra Sampson

Nursing Director, Procedural Services

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Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS)

296 Herston Rd

Phone: (07) 3647 7111

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