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STARS Education and Research Alliance

STARS Education and
Research Alliance

STARS Education and Research Alliance
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STARS Education and Research Alliance (SERA)

The STARS Education and Research Alliance (SERA) is a partnership between Metro North Health and The University of Queensland. The alliance brings together world-leading researchers, clinicians and educators to create knowledge and embed clinical research that transforms patient outcomes and clinical care.

This alliance between Metro North Health and The University of Queensland enriches collaboration between clinicians, researchers and students, working together to put real time research into action and deliver tailored clinical care. As a research-active healthcare facility, patients, families, and members of the community can also choose to work hand-in-hand with research teams and clinicians to deliver patient-centric models of care.

Our inclusive and innovative approach is creating a better way of working that makes individualised, high quality care the centre of everything we do. Education is critical to this – and together, we’re shaping the next generation of clinicians through new models of interprofessional education. We’re creating an ever evolving, never static approach to care through new research and education that’s driven by the needs of consumers and clinicians, as well as important strategic priorities (at local, national and international levels).

And we’re ensuring today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment, delivering exceptional health outcomes now and into the future.

The Alliance includes the Director and a core team of conjoint/clinical fellows in Allied Health, Nursing and Medicine, who drive their own research programs and support collaborative research. Support for Alliance activities is provided via key roles including the Alliance Manager, Administrative Support Officer, Consumer Engagement Project Officer, and Clinical Education Support Officer. The Alliance includes two established research centres based in STARS: the Queensland Aphasia Research Centre (QARC) and the RECOVER Injury Research Centre.  In the broadest sense, the Alliance includes everyone working to achieve the Alliance objectives and vision around research, education, and clinical care.

Message from Professor Nadine Foster, SERA Director

The STARS Education and Research Alliance (SERA) is a great example of how universities and healthcare services can join forces to add real value, ensuring excellent clinical education opportunities where the next generation of healthcare professionals are prepared to work in strong and effective interprofessional teams, and delivering clinical research that is focused on the things that matter to patients, families and clinicians.

We welcome collaboration and involvement, whether you are a patient, member of the community more broadly, clinician or researcher.

I am truly excited to be leading the Alliance across these two great organisations, The University of Queensland and Metro North Health and ensuring the integration of education, research and clinical practice.

Professor Nadine Foster, SERA Director

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