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Patients & visitors

The Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS) is a 182-bed standalone public health facility to increase access to specialist rehabilitation services, elective surgery, gastrointestinal endoscopy procedures and outpatient services.

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    Visiting hours and wards

    We encourage family and friends to visit our patients during their stay. Children accompanied by an adult are also most welcome. Visiting hours are flexible and will vary from ward to ward. Please check with ward staff about visiting hours and patient rest times so your visit can be planned.

    The Procedure Centre on level 2 is a restricted visitor area due to patients moving through the operating theatres/endoscopy suites and into recovery. Please check at level 2 reception for patient location and visitor access.

    The Nurse Unit Manager is responsible for the ward / procedural area and may ask visitors to leave or restrict visitors in the interest of the patient’s welfare and we appreciate everyone’s co-operation and understanding when this is requested.

    Please note that access to the hospital is restricted between 9.00pm and 6.00am. Where access is required outside of these hours, security can be contacted via intercoms that are based at the STARS entry on ground floor, front entrance, ground floor car park entrance, 1st floor car park entrance and 3rd floor STARS at the RBWH footway bridge.


    Find out the latest information on COVID-19 and visiting our hospital.

    Enquiries about a patient’s health

    Family and friends can call our general enquiry number and ask to be transferred through to a patient’s bedside phone, the procedure centre or ward reception. To protect patient privacy and confidentiality, staff will not provide specific medical information.

    Cultural support is available from the Indigenous Health Liaison Officer. Please contact the general enquiry number and ask to be transferred to this service.

    General enquiry phone: (07) 3647 7111

    Mobile phone use

    As many wards have rooms which accommodate more than one patient at a time, family members and visitors are asked to show courtesy and discretion when using their mobile phone in the ward area. Phone/device chargers for patients are to be tested and tagged prior to use in the hospital. Please check with ward staff for assistance with this process.

    Bringing food for patients

    We understand some patients prefer their own food. Please note we do not take responsibility for food that is brought in by visitors for patients. We advise visitors who wish to bring food for patients to check with staff before giving food items to their relative. Staff will assist with labelling items and directing to a suitable storage space. Please be aware that due to food safety regulations, ward fridges are cleaned regularly and items that are not labelled will be discarded.

    Bringing flowers to patients

    Flowers are a lovely gift for patients.  For patient safety reasons, we cannot allow flowers in the procedural services area on level 2.

    Your appointment (outpatients and day hospital)

    Your outpatient appointment is to see a specialist or clinician about your condition without being admitted into hospital. You may have an outpatient appointment before and/or after your admission to hospital.

    Your day hospital appointment is to see a specialist and a group of clinicians assisting your participation in your rehabilitation therapy program. You may or may not be admitted as a day patient for these appointments.

    Telehealth (video call)

    Did you know you can ask your doctor/health professional if you can have your next appointment by Telehealth (video call)?

    Telehealth is a safe and effective way of delivering care in your home without physical contact. The Queensland Health Telehealth Portal provides an easy, safe and secure way to videocall with your doctor or health professional from your computer, tablet or smart phone. A Telehealth appointment may also be possible from your local QH facility, GP Clinic, or NGO please discuss options with our staff.

    When connecting from home, we strongly recommend doing a test call before your appointment. You are able to test your equipment at any time. Telehealth Technical Support is available 7:45am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday on 1800 066 888.

    It is also recommended to upgrade to the latest software version for the best audio and video experience. Instructions on how to upgrade your device can be found by clicking on the below links:

    Some of the commonly asked questions are also answered in this Telehealth quick reference guide. If you still have questions, or if you were not able to successfully complete a test call, please call the clinic that you are booked into to discuss.

    Appropriate behaviour

    We are committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of our patients, visitors and staff. We promote a safe and comfortable environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

    We remind everyone that Queensland Health has a policy of zero tolerance to violence.  The following inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated:

    • aggressive, abusive and threatening
    • physical or verbal attacks
    • obscene, racist, sexist or demeaning language

    Our security guards are available 24/7. In circumstances when our staff respond to violence, they do so from a legal and ethical framework. You are encouraged to report all incidents including concerns regarding staff conduct.

    Smoke free environment

    Smoking is not permitted on the hospital grounds.

    The Queensland Tobacco Laws ban smoking at hospitals and on campus grounds within 5 metres of its boundary. Fines do apply and will be issued as per The Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011.

    If you are a patient who smokes and want to give up, we can help you with free Nicotine Replacement Therapy or alternatives. Please ask your clinical staff for advice on treatment or phone the anonymous and confidential QUITLINE service on 131 848.

    We strongly advise that you do not leave the ward area to smoke. Leaving the ward is at your own risk and against the advice of your medical team. Hospital equipment must not be taken off hospital grounds.

    In no event or circumstances shall Queensland Health be liable for any injury, harm or damages incurred by you choosing to exit the hospital building and/or grounds for the purposes of smoking.


    Toilets are located on every floor of the hospital for patient and visitor use. Please ask staff for the toilet closest to you.

    Breast feeding facilities

    A Parent’s Room is located on the Ground Floor, to the right of reception opposite the multifaith room.

    Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS)

    296 Herston Rd HERSTON QLD 4029

    Phone: (07) 3647 7111

    Visiting hours & wards
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