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Snap shot of the executive team

Michele Gardner

Executive Director The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH)

Led by Michele Gardner, The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) is committed to delivering high-quality, patient-focused services to communities across Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Michele and the executive team are building on TPCH’s proud history of clinical expertise, excellence in research, training and education, and quality care to shape healthcare into the future.

Dr Donna O’Sullivan - Executive Director Medical Services

Dr Donna O’Sullivan

Executive Director Medical Services

Led by Dr Donna O’Sullivan, Medical Services provide specialist professional medical administration leadership, support, co-ordination and direction across the hospital, with particular focused responsibilities in clinical and operational governance of several key areas: medical/clinical services generally, the medical workforce including medical education, safety and quality (clinical governance) and research support.

Key outputs include the delivery of high level leadership and management advice across priority action areas including managing the complex industrial and professional relationships of the hospital with doctors and coordination of professional medical aspects, all clinical governance aspects of strategic initiatives within the hospital as well as linkages across the MNHHS and any issues related to research governance.

Cherie Franks

Director of Nursing Services

Led by Cherie Franks, Nursing Services manages and leads TPCH’s nursing workforce to create the best possible health outcomes for patients and the wider community. TPCH has more than 2000 nurses working across a range of departments.

The service provides education, research and workforce planning support, enhancing the ability of nurses to provide culturally competent, safe, accessible, effective, efficient and high quality patient-centred care.

Ewan Kinnear - Director of Allied Health Services at TPCH

Ewan Kinnear

Director, Allied Health Services

Led by Ewan Kinnear, Allied Health professions encompass nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, psychology, social work, speech pathology and many other health professionals.

The dedicated and multi-skilled teams provide clinical, educational and research services across TPCH.  A priority for the service is the effective implementation of early intervention strategies to improve ongoing patient care and wellbeing.

Karen Leighton

Acting Facility Services Director

Facility Services Director supports non clinical service delivery across TPCH. This service line plays a key role in the management of administrative support, maintenance and management of buildings and accommodation, and the integration of other services such as Patient Support and Food Services.  Facility Services is an essential component to ensure the non-clinical teams are connected and engaged with clinical teams to support a safe and quality service.

Kevin Hill

Hospital Finance Manager

Led by Kevin Hill, Financial Services provides financial support and management across TPCH, to facilitate its continued commitment to sustainable healthcare. The service line encompasses the immediate Financial Services team, in addition to business managers across all internal service lines.

Financial Services is responsible for budget finance management, performance reporting, planning and asset management, while maintaining a strong focus and commitment to collaborative relationship building with both internal and external parties.

Luke Shorten - Director, Service Operations and Performance at TPCH

Luke Shorten

Director, Service Operations and Performance

Led by Luke Shorten, Service Operations and Performance supports the strategic and operational planning for TPCH including the design and development of services, programs and solutions to address priority needs and outcomes for patients. This service also provides specific project management and support to the Executive Director, TPCH.

The service line drives a focus on value, quality, timeliness and results in the delivery of health services across TPCH.


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