Connecting Care to Country

Forging strong working partnerships with local Aboriginal community groups and hospital organisations within the Connecting Care to Country service scope is very important. Our involvement with these groups and organisations will provide better knowledge of:

  • The issues that are faced in the community.
  • Knowledge of family links in the community.
  • What services are available in the community.
  • What areas of expertise community members hold.
  • How these services can complement work with a particular family or group.
  • Connecting Care to Country partnerships were developed on the premises of mutual respect, open communication, equity, community ownership and self-empowerment.

Establish partnering arrangements with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations to collaborate and share best practice in supporting health professionals to provide culturally safe and responsive health services to communities while operating the ICOP and IROC clinic services. This allows Connecting Care to Country to increase the delivery of innovative models of care that provide care closer to home or in partnership with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisations, including increasing the use of telehealth and digital health for ongoing services within the Connecting Care to Country framework.

Current partnerships include

North West HHS

  • Mount Isa Hospital

Central West HHS

  • Longreach Hospital

South West HHS

  • Toowoomba Hospital

Torres and Cape HHS

  • Cairns Base Hospital

Central Queensland HHS

  • Rockhampton Hospital

Aboriginal Medical Services

  • Bundaberg (IWC, GDPHCS)
  • Sunshine Coast Hospital (CRAICCHS)
  • Toowoomba (Goondir, CWAATSICH)
  • Rockhampton (Nhulundu, Bidgerdii)
  • Townsville Hospital (PICC)

Connecting Care to Country partners map

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Connecting Care to Country
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