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Visitor information

COVID-19 changes to visiting at TPCH

Updated 26 March at 1:00pm

Visitor restrictions are currently in place at all Metro North Health facilities including hospitals, aged care and disability accommodation services.

In accordance with the requirements of operating within a restricted area, we are enacting the required visitor restrictions at the direction of the Chief Health Officer, which means that visitors to hospital are restricted to the following scenarios:

  • One parent or carer of a patient of the hospital who is a child;
  • One carer of a patient of the hospital who is being provided pregnancy or maternity related care (NB: up to two may be allowed for emergency or other compassionate grounds on a case-by-case basis);
  • One carer of a patient of the hospital who has a disability and requires support from a disability support worker or an informal carer;
  • Visitors for a patient of the hospital who is receiving end of life care (up to a limit imposed by the operator of the hospital – generally 2 persons at any one time);
  • Visitors to a patient of the hospital for emergency or other compassionate grounds (e.g. intensive care, emergency department) – (up to a limit imposed by the operator of the hospital – generally 1 person per day for approximately 2 hours)

All visitors are required to wear a mask.

The Prince Charles Hospital is a 630-bed major tertiary referral hospital located at Chermside within Metro North Hospital and Health Service, 10 kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD.

Visiting hours and wards

We encourage family and friends to visit our patients during their stay. Visiting hours are flexible, and vary from ward to ward. Some wards/areas have restricted visiting hours due to the nature of care being provided in that particular clinical area and most wards have rest periods. Visitors can ask ward staff about the particular visiting arrangements for the ward where their relative or friend is staying.

Visitors are asked to consider the needs of other patients in the room. The nurse unit manager is responsible for the ward and may ask visitors to leave, or restrict visitors during medical and nursing procedures and in emergency situations. Visitors should not attend the hospital if they have a potentially infectious illness (e.g. coughs or colds, gastro symptoms). Children are to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Enquiries about a patient’s health

Family and friends can call our general enquiry number and ask to be transferred through to a patient’s bedside phone or ward reception. To protect patient privacy and confidentiality, staff will not provide specific medical information.

General enquiry phone: (07) 3139 4000

Mobile phone use

Mobile phones can be used within the hospital. Some units and areas may ask visitors to restrict mobile phone use, due to the presence of sensitive medical equipment and the level of illness of patients. Please adhere to signage about mobile phone usage in the area you are visiting.

As many wards have rooms which accommodate more than one patient at a time, family members and visitors are asked to show courtesy and discretion when using their mobile phone in the ward area.

Hospital staff are issued with cordless phones that do not interfere with sensitive equipment.

Bringing food for patients

We understand some patients prefer their own food. Please note we do not take responsibility for food that is brought in by visitors for patients. We advise visitors who wish to bring food for patients to choose low risk food and to check with staff before giving food items to their relative. Please be aware that due to food safety regulations, ward fridges are cleaned daily and opened food/fluids discarded after 24 hours.

Bringing flowers to patients

Flowers and potted plants are a lovely gift for patients. Please check with nursing staff before bringing in flowers. For patient safety reasons, we cannot allow flowers or potted plants in the following specialised areas:

  • Intensive Care
  • Coronary Care Units

Please do not bring oriental lilies due to staff allergies. Flowers can be purchased from the Common Good Cafe and Coffee Shop.

Your appointment (outpatients)

Your outpatient appointment is to see a specialist or clinician about your condition without being admitted into hospital. You may have an outpatient appointment before and/or after your admission to hospital.

Appropriate behaviour

We are committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of our patients, visitors and staff. We promote a safe and comfortable environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

We remind everyone that Queensland Health has a policy of zero tolerance to violence.  The following inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated:

  • aggressive, abusive and threatening
  • physical or verbal attacks
  • obscene, racist, sexist or demeaning language

Our security guards are available 24/7. In circumstances when our staff respond to violence, they do so from a legal and ethical framework. You are encouraged to report all incidents including concerns regarding staff conduct.

Smoke free environment

Smoking is not permitted on the hospital grounds.

The Queensland Tobacco Laws ban smoking at hospitals and on campus grounds within 5 metres of its boundary. Fines do apply and will be issued as per The Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011.

If you are a patient who smokes and want to give up, we can help you with free Nicotine Replacement Therapy or alternatives. Please ask your clinical staff for advice on treatment or phone the anonymous and confidential QUITLINE service on 131 848.

We strongly advise that you do not leave the ward area to smoke. Leaving the ward is at your own risk and against the advice of your medical team. Hospital equipment must not be taken off hospital grounds.

In no event or circumstances shall Queensland Health be liable for any injury, harm or damages incurred by you choosing to exit the hospital buildings and/or grounds for the purposes of smoking.


Toilets are located on every floor of the hospital for patient and visitor use. Please ask staff for the toilet closest to you.

Breast feeding facilities

A Mother’s Room is located in the hospital’s Education Centre near the toilets.


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