Patient stories

Kate's story video

Kate’s heart and lung transplant

Born with congenital heart disease and diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension at a young age, Kate underwent transplant surgery at 28.

David and Peter's story video

David and Peter’s cystic fibrosis lung transplant

Twins David and Peter have lived with cystic fibrosis since birth and both underwent lifesaving lung transplant surgery.

Scott's story video

Scott’s muscluar dystrophy

Although Scott’s Duchenne muscular dystrophy has weakened his heart and breathing muscles he is supported to lead a meaningful life.

Doug's story video

Doug’s cystic fibrosis

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 6 months of age, Doug talks about his life living with Cystic Fibrosis and how he manages his condition.

Amanda's story video

Amanda’s heart transplant

At 20  Amanda was diagnosed with her condition requiring a left ventricular assistance device until undergoing a heart transplant.

Jackie's story video

Jackie’s cardiomyopathy

Jackie led a normal life until she suddenly developed heart failure caused by cardiomyopathy after suffering pneumonia.


Dan's story video

Dan’s mechanical heart valve

Dan received a mechanical heart valve and now has a passion for keeping fit and looking after himself with the help of the Congenital Heart Disease Service.

Joe's story video

Joe’s permanent pacemaker

After suffering dizzy spells on his property Joe had a  permanent pacemaker inserted and talks about his experience.

Mick's story video

Mick’s open heart surgery

Suffering chest pain Mick was referred to a cardiologist who found he needed open heart surgery.  He talks about his experience before and after surgery.

Joan's story video

Joan’s mitraclip

At 89 Joan underwent a minimally invasive procedure after feeling tired easily. Joan shares her experience and now looks forward to her future.

Patrick's story video

Patrick’s heart attack

With no previous history or warning signs Patrick suffered a cardiac arrest and talks about his experience and lifestyle adjustments he has made.

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