Brighton Health Campus to host medical interns for the first time

Director of Medical Services for Community and Oral Health, Dr Stephanie Hadikusomo with interns Jack and Lily

The campus, which boasts waterfront views, is a home for long-term residents and a high-class rehabilitation centre which provides better options for patients to transition back more effectively into the community.

The interns are part of the Redcliffe Hospital intake and will complete 10 weeks at Brighton, which will give them a holistic approach to their medical career said Director of Medical Services for Community and Oral Health Dr Stephanie Hadikusomo.

“It’s a big step for us because we believe really passionately that interns and junior doctors are the lifeblood of our hospitals and health services,” Dr Hadikusomo said.

“They bring new ideas and new passion, new energy, and they come with great new ideas that really encourage us to reflect on how we do things and whether we can do things better.

“Compared to the acute hospitals, doing a rotation at Brighton will give them a holistic learning experience at a sub-acute setting which is based on goal setting and working with the patients, their carers and families on how to transition them back to their permanent homes after a period of inpatient stay, after significant health challenges.”

For 25 year old Lily Lee, who hails from Auckland, kicking off her internship at Brighton is a great starting point for the budding medical intern.

“I’m nervous but I’m very excited,” Lily said,

“I want to do basic physician training eventually. So, I’m really excited to see what different types of presentations, and what kind of patients that come through here.”
It’s not the first time 30-year-old Jack has been in a medical setting, after completing a degree in pharmacy in Vancouver before deciding that his real passion was in medicine.

“I’m very excited and feel really well supported by everybody,” Jack said.

“I did my elective in geriatric medicine at STARS and I really enjoyed the long term care and multidisciplinary teams that were involved. It was nice way to connect multiple different allied professions, and I know that type of model of care will be similar here.”

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