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Brighton Health Campus

Metro North is committed to enhancing and expanding services at Brighton Health Campus in line with the Vision for Brighton (PDF) to create a thriving community healthcare hub.

The Health Campus was established in 1946 as a benevolent home and throughout the years the service has evolved in response to changing health needs and priorities.

We have worked with patients, families and staff to move our rehabilitation patients from our acquired brain injury service to Brighton Health Campus to provide better access to the community and local services.

The Brighton Brain Injury Service (formerly Jacana Acquired Brain Injury) re-location occurred in early 2019, and aligns with our commitment to make Brighton Health Campus a home for long-term residents, and a high-class rehabilitation centre which provides better options for patients to more effectively transition back into the community.

In addition, we have introduced interim care services to the campus in mid-December 2018.

The Brighton Health Campus provides 24/7 subacute rehabilitation, residential care and complex care services through the following centres:

Brighton Wellness Hub

The Brighton Wellness Hub is a new, progressive space for our community to access services and information, and use to support healthy aging activities.

Dolphin House

Dolphin House provides both rehabilitation and interim care services

Ebbtide House

From early 2019, Ebbtide House provides complex and comprehensive rehabilitation for clients with an acquired brain injury through the Brighton Brain Injury Service.

Gannet House

Gannet House is a state government-funded Residential Aged Care facility. The service has the capacity to accommodate 40 residents who may require a range of specialised care within the purpose-built residential facility. Clinical services are provided by skilled nursing staff with the support of allied health, administrative and ancillary staff.

For prospective residents, further information on facility features, room sizes and pricing is available on the My Aged Care portal.

Our services

Brighton clients, together with their families and carers, work in partnership with our healthcare professionals to develop care plans tailored to their needs. High quality care and support is provided to give each client the best chance of achieving their individual health and wellbeing goals.

Clients can access services including:

Campus facilities

While staying at Brighton Health Campus, patients also have access to:

  • a multi-faith space
  • an on-site café
  • an auditorium
  • Brighton Wellness Hub
  • the Men’s Shed

Community Connections

We understand the importance of social connections for enhancing feelings of wellbeing and quality of life, supporting physical and mental health, promoting positive ageing and helping people cope with life’s challenges. As well as providing health services, the Brighton Health Campus is a meeting place for many local community groups who welcome new members to participate in their activities and experience meaningful relationships with others.

Vision for Brighton

The Vision for Brighton was created in 2015 through extensive stakeholder and community consultation and engagement with a focus on being an international leader in ageing, wellbeing and health.  This was undertaken within the broader context of developing a vision for the future for the Brighton site, including long term sustainable health and social initiatives. This was underpinned by continuing the traditions of helping vulnerable people and people with complex care needs and limited choices. Four themes resulted:

  1. Health Service Delivery
  2. Social Health and Wellbeing
  3. Building a Community
  4. Research, Education and Training

Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS) is committed to working with its community to deliver essential healthcare, to recognise the role of partner organisations (community, local government and universities) and to be responsible stewards of this unique community asset. It is essential that planning at Brighton be undertaken in sequence with MNHHS to ensure integration with other acute, subacute and community services provided by MNHHS.

The Brighton Health Campus has had a long and rich history. To commemorate the 70th celebrations of the campus in 2016 this historical journey was captured in an online publication: Brighton Health Campus – 70 years of compassionate care 1946-2016. This history was sourced from community storytelling workshops, staff workshops and from past documented history and timelines. This online publication provides us with the opportunity to add to the journey detailing activities and milestones as they occur.  Each decade has been featured, including stories, photos, human interest pieces which reflects the era of the time. Enjoy reading and we welcome any further historical information  which may come to hand. Please email or phone (07) 3631 7568

Future Services Plan

The Brighton Health Campus (BHC) – Future Services Plan 2018 provides a collective vision for enhancing community access to health services at Brighton, and assisting people transitioning to community pathways and patient flow across Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS). The range of services provided from BHC since it was established in 1946 as a benevolent home, have changed, adapting to changes in healthcare and aged care policy.

The focus of this plan is on people with health and disability care needs and their pathways across subacute, transition care (residential and community) and other residential/ community settings. The paper aligns to the Vision for Brighton and all service options specifically examine opportunities to leverage further core capacity through partnerships including community partners, service partners and strategic partners.

The priorities described in the Plan were informed by a dedicated Steering committee, consultation with Brighton Health Campus staff, consumers, community and other key stakeholders. The plan specifically aligns the MNHHS Older Persons Plan and Rehabilitation Plan, and with overarching strategic directions of Queensland Health and MNHHS outlined in documents including My health, Queensland future: Advancing health 2026, the MNHHS Strategic Plan 2016-20, and the MNHHS Health Service Strategy 2015-20 and MNHHS clinical service plans.

For more information email or phone (07) 3631 7568.


Visiting hours for this facility have changed. Visitors are welcome between 11.00 am – 8.00 pm daily.

Parking and transport

There is on-site parking as well as convenient patient drop-off areas. Bus stops are located adjacent to the campus, on the Hornibrook Highway. The nearest railway stations are at Sandgate and Shorncliffe, with bus connections available.

Brighton Health Campus


Contact us

Location: Brighton Health Campus
449 Hornibrook Highway
Phone: (07) 3631 7400
Fax: (07) 3631 7411
Email: COH-BrightonHealthCampus

Need help outside hours?

For non-urgent medical issues call 13 HEALTH or visit your GP

In an emergency call 000 or go to a hospital

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