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Get involved

Community & Oral Health strongly believes in patients, their carers and staff working together to continuously improve services.

Partner with us to make a difference

We are seeking current or past patients of Queensland Health who are interested in helping design and deliver better community services. You may also be a family member or a carer of a patient who has or is using our health service.

By applying to be a consumer representative, you can provide advice and participate in improvements and plans for future service development.

You can play a vital role in healthcare decision-making by sharing your unique experiences and providing a consumer perspective.


We have developed a training program to support new consumer representatives and offer professional development opportunities. More information will be provided on commencement of your role or you can email

Meet one of our consumer representatives

Why I became a consumer representative

“My own experiences with my younger sister in hospital after a stroke, my father in aged care and my mother in rehab after two broken hips, have provided me with valuable knowledge of what works in the health system and what can be improved. A consumer’s point of view is crucial to planning, decision making and discussions. I appreciate we all have a particular focus and we can’t achieve it all. However we should always aim to reach best practice and improve patients’ experiences. As a retired teacher, I feel it is valuable to share what we have been through and learnt.”

Linda Isaak
Consumer Representation
Community Indigenous and Subacute services