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Public Health Unit

The core responsibility of the Metro North Public Health Unit is to prevent illness and disease and improve the health of the community.

The unit has a focus on protecting the health of the community from communicable disease and other illnesses, as well as promoting health and wellbeing.

With a core focus on community wellbeing, public health is complementary to health services, which focuses on the health needs of an individual. In doing so, we take a population perspective in managing and mitigating public health risks. It is a fascinating area encompassing challenges commonly in mainstream media such as measles, salmonella, legionella, ross river virus and dengue fever and more.

The unit has around 50 multi-disciplinary on-site specialists with expertise in many areas, including communicable diseases, immunisation, outbreak and incident management, mosquitoes and vector control, water quality, risk assessment and food safety standards. Staff include environmental health officers, public health nurses, public health physicians, entomologists, epidemiologists, sexual health services and a dedicated business support team.

You could find Public Health Unit staff dealing with food poisoning outbreaks, health risk assessments involving asbestos or industrial contaminants, monitoring the reticulated water supplies from a public health perspective or even undertaking tobacco surveillance. Other staff are involved in contact tracing and management of people exposed to communicable diseases, as well as providing expert support, advice and education to clinicians and the general public relating to all aspects of immunisation and vaccine management.

We also provide a response and support capability to other regions throughout Queensland, where possible, and also nationally and internationally through the Australian Medical Assistance Team (AusMat), particularly in response to crises and disasters such as those caused by flooding, cyclones and outbreaks.

Putting the brakes on gastro outbreaks in childcare

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Preparing for the flu season

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A practical guide to catch up vaccination

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HRIG Administration

This video provides a practical guide for clinicians on the administration of rabies immunoglobulin as part of post-exposure prophylaxis.

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