Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant

Our department is the Clinical Haematology Referral Centre for Metro North and Central Queensland (catchment north to Rockhampton, west to Longreach), and the Bone Marrow Transplant referral centre for Queensland. In addition to clinical Haematology treatment, we provide:

  • Autologous stem cell transplants
  • Allogeneic stem cell and bone marrow transplants (related and unrelated)
  • Clinical trials (in-house and pharmaceutical sponsored) for Haematology and BMT patients.

The department has an active research program, including a variety of local hospital and research facility studies, collaborative study group participation, (such as the Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group) as well as participation in large international studies. There is growing collaboration between departmental clinical staff and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR), which allows an improved ability to develop and participate in translational research programs.

The Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant service has attained international accreditation with FACT (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapies) and is the only facility in Australia to be re-accredited. The service also provides ongoing support and development of outreach Haematology clinics/services to regional Queensland.

Unique facilities and services

  • Autologous and Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • FACT (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapies) accreditation
  • Apheresis
  • Cellular Therapies Laboratory
  • Cytotoxic and supportive therapies
  • State-wide Haemophilia services
  • Clinical trials
  • Telehealth consultations to Hervey Bay
  • Outreach services to Rockhampton and Nambour


Dr Waqas BokhariHaematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Dr Jason ButlerHaematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Dr Cameron Curley (Acting Deputy Director)Haematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Dr Simon DurrantHaematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Dr Ann GillettHaematology
Dr Andrea HendenHaematology
Dr Geoff HillHaematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Dr Glen Kennedy (Acting Executive Director Cancer Care Services)

(Director Haematology/Bone Marrow Transplant)
Haematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Dr Steven LaneHaematology
Dr Ashish MisraHaematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Dr Kirk MorrisHaematology
Dr James MortonHaematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Dr John RowellHaemophilia
Dr Michelle SpanevelloHaematology
Dr Elango Subramonia-PillaiHaematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Dr Siok TeyHaematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
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