Clinical Pharmacology

We are one of two Clinical Pharmacology Services in Queensland. Our main aim is to enhance the safe, effective and cost-effective use of medications. We work with pharmacists, doctors and nursing staff to make sure you receive and take the right medications during your hospital stay.

Our services

Our team of doctors, nurses and pharmacists focus on developing a better understanding of drug therapies and how they react with individual patient use. We offer a range of services including:

  • consultation service for patients who have negative reactions to treatment or medication
  • reviewing the possible prescription of new drugs not listed on the statewide list of approved medications
  • advice on therapeutic drug monitoring
  • education programs to improve the safety of drug prescription and dispensing.

Our Medicines Advisory Committee was established as an expert committee of the RBWH Safety and Quality Unit to encourage the appropriate, equitable, safe and cost-effective use of medicines at the hospital.

Education and training

We are proud to have a long tradition of educating and training the next generation of pharmacists and medical professionals in Queensland.

Contact us

Location: Level 1, Ned Hanlon Building
Phone: (07) 3646 2597
Fax: (07) 3646 2600

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