Labour and birth

When to come to hospital

Your doctor or midwife will advise you when to come to hospital. If you are concerned or have questions please call our Women’s Obstetric Review Centre (ORC) 24/7 hotline on (07) 3647 3931.

If you are planning to come into the Women’s Obstetric Review Centre, please call the hotline first so we can be prepared for your arrival. This service is similar to an emergency department, so you will be seen in order of urgency.

Having your baby at the Royal

When you go into labour, see where you need to go for the birth of your baby and find out more about staying with us after your baby is born.

Your arrival

On your arrival, go to the Birth Centre/Suite reception located on level 5 of the Ned Hanlon Building. If you arrive during after hours, enter via the emergency department at the front of the hospital or press the security intercom at the entrance of the Birth Centre/Suite. It is important that you bring your Pregnancy Health Record.

A midwife will assess your health and discuss your birthing preferences before taking you into one of the birthing rooms for your labour. The midwife will:

  • check the baby’s position by feeling your abdomen
  • check your temperature, pulse and blood pressure
  • listen to the baby’s heart rate
  • time your contractions
  • with consent, may do an internal (vaginal) examination to see how much your cervix has opened and to check the baby’s position
  • put an identification band on your wrist.

Birthing rooms

Birthing rooms have fit balls, mats, heat packs and seating for your support person. Some rooms include a bath for water births. Speak to your midwife to see if this is an option for you.

The Birth Centre is designed to replicate a home setting with a quiet intimate atmosphere. This room is for low risk mothers and are subject to availability.

Contact us

Birth Suite and Birth Centre
Location: Level 5, Ned Hanlon Building
Phone: (07) 3647 3931

Women's Obstetric Review Centre (ORC)
Location: Level 5, Ned Hanlon Building
Phone: (07) 3647 3931 (24/7 hotline)

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