Thoracic Medicine

(respiratory and sleep disorders)

Thoracic Medicine investigates and treats diseases of the lungs as well as disorders of sleep. We have a range of investigative and therapeutic services for the management of acute, chronic, rare and common respiratory and sleep disorders.

Meet our Team

We are committed to improving patient outcomes and providing the highest level of care. Meet our dedicated team of surgeons and doctors.

Our services

  • bronchoscopy, including endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)
  • pleural procedures
  • sleep diagnostics and treatments
  • pulmonary function tests
  • cardiopulmonary exercise tests
  • inpatient and outpatient asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease education

Full list of services

Respiratory Services

We have a team of experienced specialists with expertise in a variety of conditions including:

  • lung cancer
  • interstitial lung disease
  • pulmonary embolism
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • asthma
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • occupational lung disorders
  • respiratory disease associated with auto-immune disorders
  • respiratory infection
  • sleep apnoea
  • narcoleptic syndrome.

You may have access to participate in various sophisticated pulmonary function studies in our on-site laboratories.

Pulmonary Function Laboratory Services

You may have access to sophisticated pulmonary function and allergy testing studies in our on-site laboratories.

Bronchoscopy Services

The bronchoscopy suite is custom designed for an extensive range of both diagnostic and interventional procedures. Our specialists are amongst the most experienced in Australia, trialing and researching innovative techniques.

Sleep Services

The sleep laboratory investigates and treats a broad range of sleep disorders including:

  • obstructive sleep apnoea
  • central sleep apnoea
  • insomnia
  • narcolepsy
  • snoring
  • restless legs
  • REM behaviour disorder

We provide on-going support and education to patients using sleep therapy devices available for loan. Through our sleep studies we are able to diagnose and treat complex conditions.

How to access this service

To access this service, your GP or medical practitioner will need to send a referral letter to the hospital.

If there is a waiting list, you will receive a confirmation letter and be advised on what to do next. If there is no waiting list, you will receive an appointment booking letter or we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your appointment.

Refer a patient

GP and Specialist Hotline:
1300 364 938

Health professionals:
More information

What to bring

Each time you visit us
  • Your Medicare card
  • Private health insurance card (if you have one)
  • Health Care Card and/or concession card (if you have one)
  • Current medications (prescription, over the counter and herbal medicine)
  • Relevant x-rays, scans or any other test results or reports
  • Glasses, hearing and mobility aids
  • Your appointment letter
  • Any special items listed on your letter
  • WorkCover claim number (if relevant)
  • Snacks, a drink or money to buy refreshments
  • Something to read or do while you wait
  • An adult carer to support you and take you home
  • Copy of Advanced Healthcare Directive or Enduring Power of Attorney (if you have one)
  • A jacket or cardigan in case you get cold
  • A dressing gown or cardigan, sleepwear or comfortable day clothes
  • Slippers and shoes (low heel, closed-in, non-slip, adjustable and firm fitting around the foot)
  • Your toiletries and personal items
  • Copy of Advanced Healthcare Directive or Enduring Power of Attorney if you have one
  • Something to read or do during your stay
  • A smart phone, tablet or laptop, connecting earphones and chargers so you can connect to the free MetroNorth-PatientWiFi and access entertainment. Televisions may not be available for use.
  • Medical devices required for your care (e.g. CPAP machine)
  • Do not bring large amounts of cash or valuables such as jewellery, watches or other items of value to you

What to expect

If a procedural stay is required you will spend 4-6 hours in the unit.


Contact us

Location: Level 3, Dr James Mayne Building
Phone: (07) 3646 7636
Fax: (07) 3646 5651

Need help outside hours?

For non-urgent medical issues call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or visit your GP.

In an emergency call 000.

Refer a patient

To refer a patient to this service, view the Respiratory and Thoracic Medicine referral guideline.

For an existing referral call
1300 364 938.

Health professionals

Comprehensive list of services:

Bronchoscopy and Pleural Procedures

  • auto-fluorescence bronchoscopy
  • rigid bronchoscopy
  • endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)
  • stent insertion for obstructed airways/dynamic airway collapse
  • bronchial thermoplasty
  • medical thoracoscopy
  • pleurodesis
  • pleural tap
  • intercostal catheter placement
  • tunnelled pleural catheter

Sleep Diagnostics and Treatments

  • diagnostic sleep studies
  • treatment sleep studies (continuous positive airway pressure – CPAP, bi-level positive airway pressure)
  • daytime sleep studies (multiple sleep latency test – mslt, maintenance of wakefulness test – mwt)
  • sleep therapy device review and education
  • overnight oximetry
  • portable sleep studies

Pulmonary Function Tests:

  • static lung volume measurement
  • gas transfer measurement
  • spirometry
  • cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • bronchoprovocation testing
  • high altitude simulation testing
  • skin prick testing
  • MIPS & MEPS and SNIP testing
  • 6 minute walk testing
  • shunt fraction testing

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Asthma Management

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Patient education
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