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Public and private patients

When you are admitted to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital you can elect to be treated as a private or public patient.

Being treated as a public patient

Public patients, who are eligible for Medicare, are not required to pay for their stay in hospital and are treated by a team of doctors nominated by the hospital.

Being treated as a private patient

Private patients can be treated by a doctor of their choice, provided that doctor has a right to practice at the hospital.

Workers Compensation, Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Force patients will have their hospital expenses covered by these third party providers.

Health insurance

If you have private hospital insurance and you wish to be treated as a private patient, you will need to provide these details on your admission. Depending on the level of cover provided by your insurance, your health fund may pay for the costs of your care including hospital accommodation, medical and diagnostic services and the services provided by your doctor and other medical specialists, such as anaesthetists.

You may not be required to pay an excess or co-payment if this applies to your health insurance policy, however if you are transferred to a private hospital on the same day of admission any excess or co-payment discounts may not apply. Costs apply if you elect to use your private health insurance for planned private (intermediate) care or medication provided on discharge.

Benefits of using your private insurance

In many cases you are able to choose your doctor (excluding Obstetrics) to treat you as long as your doctor of choice has the right to practice at the hospital and agrees to treat you.  Otherwise you will be provided with a specialist at the hospital who will treat you.  You can request a single room if your health fund policy covers this however please be aware that while private patients are treated in Queensland Health hospitals, a single room is not guaranteed. We always prioritise singles rooms for very ill or infectious patients.

By electing to use your private health insurance you assist to improve hospital facilities, purchase medical equipment and assist funding of independent research.

Making the decision

Personal advice on your health insurance coverage should initially be sought from your health insurance fund. Further advice on the use of Private Insurance, Workers Compensation, Veteran’s Affairs, Third Party, Interstate and Overseas coverage in this hospital can be obtained by contacting the Patient Options Liaison Officers.

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Medication costs

You can pay your medication bill online, in person or mail.


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