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Project Description

Professor Fiona Coyer

Professor Fiona Coyer

Professor of Nursing, Joint appointment School of Nursing, QUT and Intensive Care Services/Nursing & Midwifery Research Centre, RBWH

Professor Fiona Coyer holds a joint appointment as Professor of Nursing with the School of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology and Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. She is based at the Intensive Care Services department, RBWH. Fiona has extensive experience as a leader in academic and research programs. In August 2012, she established the Intensive Care Nursing Professorial Unit at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital where she has developed a program of work focused on developing evidence-based approaches to nursing care and management of the skin integrity in the critically ill patient in intensive care. Fiona currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Wound Care and Intensive and Critical Care Nursing journal.

Intensive Care

  • Skin integrity in the critically ill patient
  • Pressure injury prevention
  • A novel implementation of best available evidence into practice for incontinence-associated dermatitis (IMBED).
  • Effectiveness of a Pressure Injury Clinical Judgement RIsk-screening tool and prevention plan: A Cluster Randomised Control Trial (EmPiRIC RCT).
  • Evaluation of a closed loop-blood sampling system in intensive care: A pilot randomised controlled trial.
  • Efficacy of Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis interventions for critically ill patients in intensive care; the Distinct pilot randomised control trial.
  • The effects of renal replacement therapy on immunosuppressive drug concentrations.
  • Intensive care point of care testing for arterial gas analyses: The INCEPT audit
  • BiocheMical characteristics and hEaling rates of medical devICe-related pressure Injuries (the MEDICI study): A prospective observational pilot study.
  • Validity of laser speckle contrast imaging for assessment of superficial perfusion in the lower limb of patients with vascular leg and foot ulcers.
  • A multidisciplinary pre-operative optimisation care bundle for women undergoing vulval surgery: A feasibility study.
  • Reducing the prevalence and severity of wounds through implementation of the Champions for Skin Integrity Model – Protecting Skin Integrity (PSI).
  • Efficacy of nasogastric and endotracheal tube securement devices, preventative dressings and topical skin applications for reducing device-related pressure injuries in intensive care patients: A the REMEDy study, a randomised controlled trial.
  • Enhancing postgraduate professional learning in the infection control speciality.
  • Academic-industry integration in health: Enhancing postgraduate professional learning.
  • The effect of time spent in a position on critically ill patient’s skin: The EXTREME pressure 2 study.
  • 2018: Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence. In recognition of exceptional sustained performance and outstanding achievement in leadership.
  • 2014: Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence. In recognition of exceptional sustained performance and outstanding achievement in learning and teaching and partnerships and engagement.
  • 2011:     Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning for ‘Leadership in the teaching of intensive care nursing by developing innovative course-level curricula and resources in close collaboration with healthcare industry partners.

Record of high performance and achievement in scholarly publication that demonstrates a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in the nursing discipline.

  • Over 120 journal publications (Appendix 2 – Summary of publication and scholarly reports).
  • Wide publication range evidences significant mentorship and support of junior clinicians and acknowledges RBWH appointment and affiliation.
  • Scopus H-index of 17, with 845 citations from 86 publications (2003 onwards)
  • Google Scholar H-index of26, with 1,927 citations; of these 1,556 citations are from 2014 onwards.
  • In 2011, 2016, and 2017, co-authored the winning submissions of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses Best Nursing Review paper. In 2011 and 2016, students were first authors.,_Fiona.html


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Tuesday – Thursday – Phone: (07)  3646 4133
Friday – Phone: (07)  3138 3895

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