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Project Description

Professor Louise Cullen

Professor Louise Cullen

Please note: Professor Cullen is unable to accept new mentees until 2021

Clinical researcher/Consultant Emergency and Trauma Centre

Louise Cullen is a Pre-Eminent Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine, a clinical trialist and outcomes researcher in acute diseases. She is enthusiastically involved in the translation of research by clinical redesign and innovation. As an accomplished acute disease researcher, Prof Cullen has focused on biomarkers and the diagnosis and management of patients presenting with acute cardiac diseases in the Emergency Department (ED).

Since 2014, Louise Cullen has published over 130 peer reviewed articles and has been cited 4391 times, including papers in the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet. Her research has focussed on strategies to improve efficiency, whilst maintaining safety for patients with possible ACS, syncope, heart failure, shortness of breath and atrial fibrillation. More recently, Prof Cullen’s research endeavours include Health Services Research, identifying and then translating value-based care initiatives and supporting capacity building in emergency research.

Prof Cullen has been extensively involved translation of research findings into changed clinical practice. She is currently the Professional lead for the Promoting Value-based care in the ED (PROV-ED) Project and recently the Clinical Lead in the Accelerated Chest pain Risk Evaluation project (ACRE 2012-9), implementing changed practice models of care across Queensland Health for ED patients based on her research, resulting in significant improvements in ED efficiency while maintaining patient safety.

  • Acute cardiac care
  • Biomarkers
  • Health services research

Multiple. Five most significant publications in the last five years

  1. Chew DP, Lambrakis K, Blyth A, Seshadri A, Edmonds MJR, Briffa T, Cullen L, et al. (2019). “A Randomized Trial of a 1-Hour Troponin T Protocol in Suspected Acute Coronary Syndromes: The Rapid Assessment of Possible ACS In the Emergency Department with High Sensitivity Troponin T (RAPID-TnT) Study.” Circulation.
  2. Neumann JT, Twerenbold R, … Cullen LA, Mills N, Mueller C, Zeller T, Westermann D, Blankenberg S (2019). “Application of High-Sensitivity Troponin in Suspected Myocardial Infarction.” N Engl J Med 380(26): 2529-2540.
  3. Cullen L, Greenslade J, Merollini K, et al. Cost and outcomes of assessing patients with chest pain in an Australian emergency department. Med J Aust. 2015 May 4;202(8):427-32. PubMed PMID: 25929506. Key evaluation of health costs for chest pain assessment.
  4. Chew DP, Scott IA, Cullen L, French JK, Briffa TG, Tideman PA, Woodruffe S, Kerr A, Branagan M, Aylward PE. National Heart Foundation of Australia and Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand: Australian clinical guidelines for the management of acute coronary syndromes 2016. Med J Aust. 2016;205(3):128-133. Updated national guidelines.
  5. Than, MP Pickering, JW, Sandoval, Y Shah, ASV.. Cullen, L Christian Mueller, Johannes T Neumann, Raphael Twerenbold, Dirk Westermann, Agim Beshiri, Nicholas L Mills, MI3 Collaborative. (2019). “Machine Learning to Predict the Likelihood of Acute Myocardial Infarction.” Circulation. 140 (11)

Citation of the Branch, AMAQ (2018); 2018 Metro North Research Awards (2018), Chief Executive Award Winner (2018), Researcher of the Year Award Finalist (2018), 26th RBWH Healthcare Symposium Complex Health Challenges Research Award Winner (2017), Ko Awatea Award: APAC Forum Winner: Promoting Clinical Research and Application to Practice (2016), The Australian Society for Medical Research: Clinical Research (2016).

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