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Quality Projects

Quality Assurance (QA) projects are undertaken within the hospital to evaluate the outcomes of processes and services and to increase the efficiency of the services provided. Quality assurance includes such terms as: ‘clinical audit’; ‘service evaluation’; and ‘quality improvement.’

While QA is not research, it exists on a continuum and has some similarities. However, for those QA projects that do not meet the threshold for research, no ethics review is required, although it is recognised that consideration of whether such review is required will be an important consideration for peer-reviewed journals in the event that the conductor of the QA project wishes to publish the outcomes.

RBWH Quality Assurance projects 2020

The 2020 QA projects. It is intended that in future the outcomes of these activities will be collected and listed here.

Project IDProject TitleProject Investigator
LNR/2020/QRBW/60896Audit of Obstetric Medicine Patients at an Australian Quaternary CentreDr Michelle Cole
LNR/2020/QRBW/60784 Quality Improvement Project on perioperative hypothermia in Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) in a regional hospitalDr Jeremy Sin
LNR/2020/QRBW/60499Qualitative Evaluation of a Multi-Site Acute Stroke Nutrition Care PathwayDr Adrienne Young
LNR/2020/QRBW/60877Rural Obstetric Epidural Anaesthesia: Differences between non-metropolitan and metropolitan centres.Dr Jeremy Sin
LNR/2020/QRBW/60950  The development, implementation and effects of providing a pharmacist counselling tool for the use of opioids in acute painBenita Suckling
LNR/2020/QRBW/60762The Implementation of Trauma Informed Care and Practice (TICP) in Metro North Mental Health Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.Nathan Dart
LNR/2020/QRBW/60789“Enhancing Mental Health Care for Families in MNHHS project - Determining the views of RBWH Women & Newborn Services' Staff regarding father/partner inclusivity and engagement”Helen Funk
LNR/2020/QRBW/61005Audit of postoperative analgesia in opioid-tolerant palliative patients: Comparison of initial opioid breakthrough prescribing with accepted guidelines and assessment of quality of analgesia in the first 24 hours postoperativelyRosmarin Zacher
LNR/2020/QRBW/60757 Retrospective cohort analysis of 300 patients with known heart failure with preserved ejection fraction to define the patient characteristics and phenotype of the condition.Matthew Twining
LNR/2020/QRBW/60891Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Partnership ProgramKaye Hewson
LNR/2020/QRBW/61303Exploring and re-evaluating physiotherapy adherence to clinical guidelines for stroke survivorsBrita Hughes
LNR/2020/QRBW/61375A retrospective clinical audit on timing of pre-operative evaluation in the pre-admission clinic prior to elective surgery at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s HospitalVictoria Reynolds
HREC/2020/QRBW/61031The Patient Experience of Patient HandlingZoe Moss
LNR/2020/QRBW/61382The Standardized and Safe Intubation Package: a before and after evaluation of staff perceptions of clinical practiceJacob O'Gorman
LNR/2020/QRBW/60102An investigation of surgical patients’ understanding of the Discharge Medication Record and pain management, and factors which may affect this.Caitlin Low
LNR/2020/QRBW/61374A retrospective, before and after, evaluation of the effects of pre-notification of Retrieval Services Queensland by the Queensland Ambulance Service on pre-hospital transfer times, of patients with ST elevation myocardial infarctions receiving fibrinolytic therapy, to percutaneous coronary intervention centresDr Dan Bodinar
LNR/2020/QRBW/61493Improving bed-bathing practices for critically ill patients in the intensive care unit; a quality improvement project.Dr Fiona Coyer
LNR/2020/QRBW/61774Does Physiotherapy involvement in the RBWH Pre-admission Clinic impact on patient reported anxiety or knowledge gained when preparing surgeryDr Peter Thomas
LNR/2020/QRBW/61683Patient Reported Outcome and Experience Measures for Orthopaedic InfectionDr Andrew Foster
LNR/2020/QRBW/61411 Requesting trends for computed tomography pulmonary angiography at a major Australian public hospital over a 10-year period: Analysis of the time of day and day of the week versus peak requesting periodsDr Karen Dobeli
LNR/2020/QRBW/61941Management of the Parturient with Intracranial Pathology: A case study of a functional macroadenoma (prolactinoma) in a patient presenting for emergency caesarean sectionDr Joel Thomas
LNR/2020/QRBW/61936 An audit of antiviral medications used for the treatment of keratitis and endophthalmitisJessica Eglington
LNR/2020/QRBW/61934An audit of antifungal medications used for the treatment of keratitis and endophthalmitisJessica Eglington
LNR/2020/QRBW/62018An assesment of the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) – Paramedic perceptions of prehospital prescription opioid useChampika Pattullo
LNR/2020/QRBW/61917Meditron Envsion Ultrasound Gel Free Probe Cover, A Survey of Anaesthetists' ExperiencesDr Matther Black
LNR/2020/QRBW/62052Liver in Nutrition Clinics: A service evaluation audit to assess clinical and quality of life outcomesDr Kykie Natthews-Rensch
LNR/2020/QRBW/62136Surveillance and prediction to inform response planning for the coronavirus 2019-nCoV epidemicDr James Lind
LNR/2020/QRBW/61383Nutrition outcomes for patients undergoing immunotherapy for metastatic head and neck cancerDr Teresa Brown
LNR/2020/QRBW/59702A retrospective study of what type of pain medication and how much is being used post breast surgery here at RBWHDr Christopher Miller
LNR/2020/QRBW/62188Antimicrobial stewardship awareness amongst nurses working in rural and remote Queensland Health facilitiesStephen Nocher
LNR/2020/QRBW/58989Interactive videos for cancer screeningClaire DeBats
LNR/2020/QRBW/62281Plans from PCI: A retrospective audit of medication plans following angiograms for patients presenting to RBWH with ACS. Dimity Williams
LNR/2020/QRBW/62323Applying evidence-based design principles to Nutrition Education Materials Online (NEMO)Dr Adrienne Young
LNR/2020/QRBW/61418 Stereotactic Navigation for Orbital SurgeryProf Timothy Sullivan
LNR/2020/QRBW/62386Patient satisfaction using telehealth as a consultation medium for a Hospital in the Home service.Dr Michael Tresillian
LNR/2020/QRBW/62449Retrospective audit of sentinel lymph node mapping in early stage endometrial cancer using indocyanine green and near infra-red fluorescence imaging during minimally invasive surgeryDr Nisha Jagasia
LNR/2020/QRBW/61028 ONTRACC - Optimising TReatment Adherence in Chronic spinal ConditionsDr Peter WIndow
LNR/2020/QRBW/62516Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy for control of hypoglycaemia due to metastatic insulinomaA/Prof David Pattison
LNR/2020/QRBW/62444Review of literature, benchmarking and training needs for implementation of a continence assessment and management strategy for Redcliffe Hospital inpatients over 45Clare Cotterell
LNR/2020/QRBW/626095-year Outcomes and Prognosis of Patients with Acute Admissions with Critical Limb Ischaemia to a large-volume Vascular Surgical Centre: A Retrospective Cohort StudyDr Krishna Pattabathula
LNR/2020/QRBW/61984Response rates in nr-axSpA stratified by C-reactive protein levelA/Professor Philip Robinson
HREC/2020/QRBW/61419Is Mastoiditis being over-diagnosed on CT imaging? Radiological versus clinical findings.Dr Andrew Pastuszek
LNR/2020/QRBW/55264 Patient satisfaction and outcomes following peripheral nerve blockade for distal radius surgeryDr Brendan Bates
LNR/2020/QRBW/62238A review of the outcomes of second and subsequent dilatation and curettage (D&Cs) at the Queensland Trophoblast Centre (QTC).Dr Geraldine Herweijer
LNR/2020/QRBW/62723Physiotherapists Knowledge of opioids in musculoskeletal pain management Natalie Walton
LNR/2020/QRBW/61633 Retrospective audit of acid-base status obese patients undergoing bariatric surgeryDr Steven Klupferl
HREC/2020/QRBW/62734An evaluation of nonendoscopic first change of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) in the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Gastroenterology Department Dr Cassie Beaven
LNR/2020/QRBW/62647 Increasing exercise participation in the cancer care wards at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH)Kyla Stableford
LNR/2020/QRBW/62920Specialist Prostate Nurse ProjectDr Natasha Roberts
LNR/2020/QRBW/63024 Assessing the quality of sample collection for CoVID-19 testingA/Prof David Whiley
LNR/2020/QRBW/62939Documentation of mobility in the acute hospital setting - crossed wires?Prue McCrae
LNR/2020/QRBW/63041A survey to describe availability and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by health care workers worldwide and variations
within and between countries in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr Alexis Tabah
LNR/2020/QRBW/61989Managing Anaemia Prior to Surgery at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health ServiceDr Eavan O’Brien
LNR/2020/QRBW/62269Does the use of video-conferencing in physiotherapy consultations of adult patients with Haemophilia change clinical recommendations when compared to audio-conferencing?Dr Scott Russell
LNR/2020/QRBW/62956Rheumatology COVID-19 studyA/Prof Philip Robinson
LNR/2020/QRBW/63305An audit assessing the impact of a change after updating the ICU DKA management protocol. A quality assurance activity - closing the loop. Dr Peter Garrett
LNR/2020/QRBW/61340An Assessment of the Quality of Referral Letters to a public Oral Medicine Department: Orofacial Pain and Oral Mucosal LesionsYong Jie Tan
LNR/2020/QRBW/63497 Medical Emergency Response Team Training. "There is no I in MERT" but can training team leaders improve performance?Dr Juliette Mewton
LNR/2020/QRBW/63540The ASH Research Collaborative Hematologic Malignancy and COVID-19 Surveillance RegistryA/Prof Steven Lane
LNR/2020/QRBW/63618Clinicians Attitude to Judicious Use of Medicines in ICU in the Time of COVID-19: Balancing Preference and AvailabilityA/Prof Ian Coombes
LNR/2020/QRBW/61873euDKA associated with colonoscopy - Case ReportDr Anthony Hade
LNR/2020/QRBW/61734 Outcome of treatment for Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia – A multicenter retrospective studyDr Andrea Garrett
LNR/2020/QRBW/63076 Rebiopsy rates and outcomes at diagnosis and at progression on first line EGFR TKI therapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancerDr Lucy Corke
LNR/2020/QRBW/6357618FDG PET/CT Cardiac Sarcoid Imaging: monitoring ketone levels to avoid inadequate suppression of physiologic myocardial uptakeA/Prof Stuart Ramsay
LNR/2020/QRBW/63556Nutritional Status and Body Mass Index in the RBWH Haemodialysis PopulationDr Helen MacLaughlin
LNR/2020/QRBW/63592The effect on treatment outcome as the result of a pre-treatment Three-Dimensional Gait Analysis (3DGA) in adults with a complex pathological gaitMichelle McGrath
LNR/2020/QRBW/63558A retrospective clinical audit investigating the prevalence of Difficult Peripheral Intravenous Access (DIVA) for patients at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital after-hoursDr Nathan Peters
LNR/2020/QRBW/63920RBWH Occupational Therapy Annual (2020) auditing framework for identifying improvements to acute adult burns careAndrea McKittrick
LNR/2020/QRBW/63933Chief Executive VIDCASTS with staff at a major metropolitan hospital during the preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic: key messages and impact on staffEmeritus Prof Jennifer Strong
Maximal Sniff Nasal Inspiratory Pressure Versus Positional Forced Vital Capacity in Predicting Clinical Adverse Effects in an Australian Motor Neuron Disease Cohort
Dr Sahan Semasinghe Bandaralage
LNR/2020/QRBW/64015  An update on the incidence and 5-year survival of Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC) in Queensland and Systematic review of current literature: should treatment algorithms differ between hemispheres due to distinct causative elements?Dr Marie-Claire Edmunds
LNR/2020/QRBW/62846     Lumbar cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drain management for spinal cord protection in patients undergoing Thoracic EndoVascular Aortic Repair (TEVAR)Dr Joel Thomas
LNR/2020/QRBW/61947Needs assessment and evaluating the efficiency of follow up phone reviews for radiation oncology outpatients’ post-treatment completion. Dr Marie-Claire Edmunds
LNR/2020/QRBW/63901Scapular fracture with intrathoracic displacement: a case report and discussion of an unusual mechanism of injuryDr Helena Franco
LNR/2020/QRBW/64183 Departmental Preparedness for Pandemic Readiness: A medication preservation toolkitA /Prof. Kerstin Wyssusek
LNR/2020/QRBW/64194Anaesthetist Attitude to Judicious Use of Medicines in the time of COVID-19: Balancing Preference and AvailabilityHailie Uren
LNR/2020/QRBW/64278 Departmental preparedness for pandemic readiness: a practical departmental readiness checklistA/Prof Wyssusek
LNR/2020/QRBW/64300Review of current practice: Nutrition and Dietetics management of Medical Oncology inpatients at the Royal Brisbane and Women's HospitalNatasha O’Hanlon
LNR/2020/QRBW/64276Pembrolizumab in previously treated microsatellite instability-high/deficient mismatch repair metastatic colorectal cancerDr Lucy Corke
HREC/2020/QRBW/63553Review of clinical and genetic diagnosis at the Neuromuscular ClinicDr Pamela McCombe
LNR/2020/QRBW/64281  An audit of clinical care in a Covid-19 virtual wardDr Emma Moloney
LNR/2020/QRBW/63673 Prospective observational study of the anaesthetic and perioperative management of patients with confirmed or suspected coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)Dr Angela Tognolini
LNR/2020/QRBW/64377Use of in-situ simulation to familiarise staff with a pathway for OT management of COVID-19 patients and improve confidence in their management: a quality assurance activityDr Gunjan Chawla
LNR/2020/QRBW/64412A retrospective audit of prescribing practices for patients suffering renal colic in the Emergency Department at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s HospitalDr Kate Taylor
LNR/2020/QRBW/63678Obstetric outcome following Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPPs) studyDr Thangeswaran Rudra
LNR/2020/QRBW/64434A retrospective cohort study of obstetric outcomes of super obese women (BMI >50) delivering at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) compared to obesity Class I, II, III and BMI < 30. Dr James Henshaw
LNR/2020/QRBW/64441Obstetrics Outcome in Twin Vaginal Delivery Compared to Caesarean Section – a Retrospective Cohort StudyDr Archana Nagendiram
LNR/2020/QRBW/64414Evaluating models of care following COVID-19 pandemic: A framework for Metro North HHSDr Katrina Campbell
LNR/2020/QRBW/63089 Improvement of orbital rehabilitation through the consideration of reconstruction method following orbital exenteration for primary cutaneous skin cancer Alexander Murray-Douglass
LNR/2020/QRBW/64489Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Emergency Operations Centre's Response to COVID-19Dr Tara McCurdie
LNR/2020/QRBW/64645Retrospective clinical audit of non-specific skeletal lesions on 18F-PSMA-1007 PETDr Evyn Arnfield
LNR/2020/QRBW/64373 Evaluation and Manufacturing of MNHHS COVID-19 Protective Personal EquipmentA/Prof Clair Sullivan
LNR/2020/QRBW/64717 Evaluation of the MNHHS Virtual Ward, developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, to inform decision making regarding continuation, modification, or discontinuation; and to identify lessons learned to optimise sustainability, inform future use and scalabilityDr Helen Vickery
LNR/2020/QRBW/64874Demand Forecasting Model for High Priority ICU Medications for COVID-19 patients receiving mechanical ventilationA/Prof Ian Coombes
LNR/2020/QRBW/64638The Effect Of COVID-19 Preparations on ED Overcrowding. A Descriptive Analysis of the Disaster Response in a Metropolitan Emergency Department Dr Peter Del Mar
LNR/2020/QRBW/64741Block Effect Telecommunication and Electronic Results Follow UpDr Matthew Wagner
LNR/2020/QRBW/64841 The Role of Respiratory Physiotherapy in the Management of Patients Post Airway Stent Insertion Laura Daly
LNR/2020/QRBW/64909Trial of Instrumental Delivery vs Second Stage Caesarean Section: A Retrospective Observational StudyDr Thangeswaran Rudra
LNR/2020/QRBW/64823Evaluation of a pilot clinical supervision education and training program for Queensland nurses and midwivesKobie Hatch
LNR/2020/QRBW/64401Care processes in Australian intensive care units for pressure injury prevention; a national cross-sectional surveyAnnabel Levido
LNR/2020/QRBW/60016Clinical Audit of patients that presented to Royal Brisbane and Woman’s Hospital with Transient Ischaemic Attack and its management. Dr Wang Lim
LNR/2020/QRBW/63565Laparoscopic Hemi-hysterectomies: A case series of presentations to the Queensland Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology (PAG) ServiceDr Alicia Veasey
LNR/2020/QRBW/64981Retrospective review of pulmonary nodule management; is our method of investigating a pulmonary nodule affected by availability of PET/CT scan prior to deciding management strategy?Dr Mahmoud Alkhater
LNR/2020/QRBW/64250Antimicrobial Prescribing in Community Acquired Pneumonia: Safety and Quality Assurance AuditDr Mark Vickers
LNR/2020/QRBW/65113 Compliance with Ottawa knee rules when ordering knee x-rays in the emergency departmentDr Vivek Mistry
LNR/2020/QRBW/64972 The audit: A 10 year retrospective analysis of pleomorphic adenomas at a single tertiary centre. Dr Jennifer Chen
LNR/2020/QRBW/63979 Topical NexoBrid for the treatment of partial and full thickness burns in adultsDr Jason Brown
LNR/2020/QRBW/63789 Use of regadenoson in place of adenosine in stress myocardial perfusion scanning Dr William Fong
LNR/2020/QRBW/65086Using Implementation Science for Patient Reported Experience MeasuresChristine Petrie
LNR/2020/QRBW/65037 Expanded Access Treatment Protocol: Remdesivir (RDV; GS-5734) for the Treatment of SARS-CoV2 (CoV) InfectionDr Adam Stewart
LNR/2020/QRBW/65313RBWH Orthopaedic device related infection database for consultations and quality assurance reportingDr Paul Chapman
LNR/2020/QRBW/63669 Renal outcomes in heart failure patients on EntrestoDr Julia Jefferis
LNR/2020/QRBW/65344Haematology workload review Natalie Moran
LNR/2020/QRBW/65327 An Evaluation of the Use of Spinal Ultrasounds in Neonates At a Tertiary Level Neonatal Unit Dr Melissa Lai
LNR/2020/QRBW/65386 Clinical Audit of 18F-PSMA-1007 PET lesion detection in prostate cancer patients as a function of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levelsDr Venkata Avinash Chikatamarla
LNR/2020/QRBW/65046Clinical Audit of Cervical Screening participation, testing, management and follow up in Sexual Health & HIV Services Emma Knowland
LNR/2020/QRBW/65396How do changes to Chest Pain streaming affect time to ECG? Jack McKenzie
LNR/2020/QRBW/61856Evolution of clinical education within occupational therapy at RBWH- from apprenticeship to peer assisted learningAmy McKenzie
LNR/2020/QRBW/65513Our experience of nursing/allied health practitioner led geriatric screening and assessment of older oncology patients – a highly accessible model of careDr Darshit Thaker
LNR/2020/QRBW/65575Can mobile robotic telepresence help clinicians safely deliver care to undifferentiated ED patients with respiratory symptoms?Dr Mark Baldwin
LNR/2020/QRBW/65574Assessing diagnostic accuracy of positron emission tomography imaging in the follow-up of human papillomavirus associated oropharyngeal cancerDr Zhen Yu Liu
LNR/2020/QRBW/65431The efficacy of post-operative reviews conducted via telehealth for oral and maxillofacial trauma during COVID-19 – a tertiary centre’s experienceDong Tony Cheng
LNR/2020/QRBW/65646Nutritional intake and mealtime practices of people admitted to mental health wardsCassie Hoole
LNR/2020/QRBW/64653 Utility of bilateral lower extremity compression ultrasound as part of work-up for suspected pulmonary embolism in pregnancy - 4 year tertiary centre auditDr Sajith Karunasena
HREC/2020/QRBW/63158 Utilizing diagnostic lung ultrasound vs traditional examination in COVID-19 patients in ICU – comparison of assessment strategies on survival and time on ventilation. Dr Jennifer Paratz
HREC/2020/QRBW/65044COVID Airway Provider PPE Use and Outcomes RegistryDr Harris Wain
LNR/2020/QRBW/51454Can fetal head circumference (HC) measurement in the third trimester of pregnancy predict OASI (obstetric anal sphincter injury)? - A retrospective cohort study at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital over a four-year period from July 2014 to June 2018.Dr Geraldine Herweijer
LNR/2020/QRBW/65216Correct cuff selection in Obese Patients Evaluation – a quality improvement initiative to optimize non-invasive blood pressure measurement in obese patients.A/Prof.Victoria Eley
LNR/2020/QRBW/65713Activity Levels in an Adult Burn Unit Anita Plaza
LNR/2020/QRBW/65716 The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Fast Track Orthopaedics Under Regional Anaesthesia During The COVID-19 PandemicA/ Prof. Kerstin Wyssusek
LNR/2020/QRBW/65717Risk factors for severe intraventricular haemorrhage in extremely premature or low birth weight infantsDr Jasmine Antoine
LNR/2020/QRBW/65786Phenotyping the fetus with abnormal cavitation, enlargement or persistence of the ganglionic eminence: the importance of biometry, additional intracranial and extracranial findings in diagnostic specificityProf Stacy Goergen
LNR/2020/QRBW/65285Clinical practice audit of orthopaedic device related infections at Royal Brisbane and Women’s HospitalDr Paul Chapman
LNR/2020/QRBW/65839 The effect of antenatal betamethasone on neonatal outcomes in late preterm and term elective caesarean section deliveries Dr Anousha Woods
LNR/2020/QRBW/65849 Metabolic Monitoring in the Adult Community Mental Health Service Dr Kartini Haji Tudin
LNR/2020/QRBW/65615 Acute Surgery PErioperative Collaboration Team Quality Improvement Program. The ASPECT QI.Dr Hannah Reynolds
LNR/2020/QRBW/65915Quality Assurance Project evaluating Implementation of Tracheostomy Management Service at RBWHSonia Baker
LNR/2020/QRBW/65596Weighing frequency in the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Neonatal Unit: Impact on growth and length of stay.Dr Andrew Black
LNR/2020/QRBW/65762Beating the postcode lottery – using telehealth to deliver renal nutrition services across Metro North Hospitals and Health Service Elissa Pacheco
LNR/2020/QRBW/66007Eat Walk Engage Statewide Program EvaluationProfessor Alison Mudge
LNR/2020/QRBW/65999I cant 'hear' you? Communication during COVID-19.Dr Juliette Mewton
LNR/2020/QRBW/66123 Special Care Transition Documented Clinical Handover AuditDr Jasmine Antoine
LNR/2020/QRBW/66146 Modelling total emergency department time A/Prof Kevin Chu
LNR/2020/QRBW/66169Deep Brain Stimulator Patient Satisfaction SurveyDr Alvin Obed
LNR/2020/QRBW/65372Assessment of antimicrobial prescribing by dental practitioners. A retrospective, multicentre observational analysis of antimicrobial prescribing by dental practitioners in public dental clinicsWilliam Franks
LNR/2020/QRBW/66282Using two-dimensional MRI analysis of temporalis muscle width in patients who underwent craniotomies with an osteoplastic flap for temporal lobe epilepsy: a retrospective cohort studyDr Vignesh Raman
LNR/2020/QRBW/65424Comparison of cold knife and electrosurgical cone biopsy: A 10-year review in an Australian Tertiary HospitalDr Rebecca Kummerow
LNR/2020/QRBW/65105 The effect of inborn and outborn preterm deliveries under 32 weeks’ gestational age on obstetric and neonatal outcomes in Queensland: the role of Obstetric and Neonatal Retrieval Services Queensland.Dr James Henshaw
LNR/2020/QRBW/66373Effective implementation of the Metro North Safety and Quality Strategy Dr Joanne Mewis
LNR/2020/QRBW/66390A retrospective, pre and post study examining the arrival ionised calcium concentration for trauma patients receiving pre-hospital packed red blood cell transfusions (pRBCs) treated by a Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), road based, trauma team and transported to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) and The Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) and between 1st January 2012 and 31st December 2016 (pre-phase) and between 1st March 2019 and 29th February 2020 (post phase). Dr Daniel Bodnar
LNR/2020/QRBW/66409A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on the Effect of Pre-operative Administration of Dexmedetomidine on Preoperative Anxiety in ChildrenDr Jeremy Sin
LNR/2020/QRBW/66411The Role and Outcomes of Using Telephone for Pre-Anaesthesia Assessment: A Systematic ReviewDr Jeremy Sin
LNR/2020/QRBW/66432 What are the patterns of referral, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for patients with small bowel adenocarcinoma within our Hospital and Healthcare Service, and how do they compare to accepted international standards?Dr Harry Gasper
LNR/2020/QRBW/65848Audit of the introduction of default snacks for patients with medically unstable eating disorders Dr Kylie Matthews-Rensch
LNR/2020/QRBW/66381Clinical Audit of Brain SPECT-CT Imaging and Quantification Using Objective Criteria Ingrid Holmes
LNR/2020/QRBW/66387 The use of throat packs in surgical procedures at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital: a retrospective audit of practice. Dr Anthony Hodge
LNR/2020/QRBW/66571 Outcomes of patients treated with stereotactic radiotherapy for early lung cancer at a tertiary Australian centreDr Luke Nicholls
LNR/2020/QRBW/66669Medication Safety – patient's own medications (POMs) and discharge medication managementMika Varitimos
LNR/2020/QRBW/64006What is the prevalence of and adherence to Advance Care Plans in older persons from aged care facilities who present to a large urban emergency department?Dr Shona Baker
LNR/2020/QRBW/65724 Pharmacist Discharge Documentation: Development of a streamlined discharge label to be used by RBWH pharmacists for patients on discharge from hospitalHolly Powell
LNR/2020/QRBW/66791Occupational Therapy Lymphoedema Audit Robyn Scheer
LNR/2020/QRBW/65757Atypical and Malignant Meningioma: a tertiary hospital experience 2009-2019Dr Catherine Bettington
LNR/2020/QRBW/66393COVID-19 Barometer: A surveillance and prediction tool to inform response planning for the coronavirus 2019-nCoV (COVID-19) epidemic. Professor Keith McNeil
LNR/2020/QRBW/66608COVID19 Patient Journey: Development of a case finding algorithm to identify high risk patients Professor Keith McNeil
LNR/2020/QRBW/65764Quality Assurance of iAx Addiction Self-Assessment Tool at RBWH Hospital Alcohol and Drug Service UnitDr Mark Daglish
LNR/2020/QRBW/67042 DEB-TACE and cTACE in HCC: a comparison of periprocedural outcomes and mortality in a single centre Dr Supun Abeyratne
LNR/2020/QRBW/66519Assessing the effect of “Physical health monitoring” blood template form on metabolic and prolactin monitoring on consumers receiving antipsychotics Kirsten Yeo
LNR/2020/QRBW/67083The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on maternal depression and related disorders during the perinatal periodDr Christoph Lehner
HREC/18/QRBW/369Authorised Prescriber status for an unapproved good under subsection 41HC of the Therapeutic Goods Act for ARGYLE polyurethane Umbilical Vessel Catheters (single and dual lumens)Dr Pieter Koorts
LNR/2020/QRBW/62341An evaluation of the RADAR Royal service and its effects on patient and health service outcomes Dr Bill Lukin
LNR/2020/QRBW/66962 The Impact of a Pharmacist on SIBR within Cancer Care ServicesMelissa Jensen
LNR/2020/QRBW/67176RBWH Emergency and Trauma Centre Just-in Time Fit Testing Dale William Gorry
LNR/2020/QRBW/67064 DINED: Delivery related INjuries in the ED; a chart review of the injuries occurring in food delivery drivers on motorcycles, scooters and bicyclesDr Claire Bertenshaw
LNR/2020/QRBW/67377COVID-19 and the Multi-disciplinary team meeting: An audit of modifications in response to the pandemicDr Harry Gasper
LNR/2020/QRBW/66880Erector Spinae Plane Block Audit for Traumatic Rib FracturesDr. Victoria Tsang
LNR/2020/QRBW/67444 Retrospective Data Audit: The significance of changes between serial Cardiac Troponin results measured with the Beckman Coulter hsTNI assay.Dr Carel Pretorius
LNR/2020/QRBW/67226A retrospective clinical audit on blood culture contamination and its impact on the care of patients in the Redcliffe Hospital Intensive Care Unit Dr Hannah Reynolds
LNR/2020/QRBW/67535 Audit of the introduction of group education for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Dr Kylie Matthews-Rensch
LNR/2020/QRBW/66921Using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to evaluate the implementation of a data driven, peer-to-peer benchmarking program in Queensland Danielle Treseder
LNR/2020/QRBW/67446 Mapping the Pharmacy JourneyNicolas Anning
LNR/2020/QRBW/67635Onsite hospital-based pain management programs: understanding and improving uptake and adherence ratesDr Nicole Andrews
LNR/2020/QRBW/67629 Penicillin Allergy in Surgical Patients: Is there a benefit to a low risk inpatient de-labelling program at RBWH? Renee Palise
LNR/2020/QRBW/67357 MNHHS Ngarrama Maternity Services Enhancement Kelly Smith
LNR/2020/QRBW/67789Retrospective clinical audit of PSMA PET/CT and FDG PET/CT in patients with prostate cancerDr Matthew Roberts
LNR/2020/QRBW/67634Rates of hypoglycaemia following insulin therapy for hyperkalaemia in the Emergency and Trauma CentreSamuel Ford
LNR/2020/QRBW/67197Retrospective review of most frequently overridden Dose Range Checking (DRC) alerts within the Integrated Electronic Medication Record (ieMR)Zoe Brimblecombe
LNR/2020/QRBW/66894Descriptive epidemiology of the COVID-19 cases managed by the Metro North Public Health Unit Brisbane AustraliaDr Heshani Rupasinghe
LNR/2020/QRBW/67815Audit of the introduction of Inflammatory Bowel Disease group education Dr Kylie Matthews
LNR/2020/QRBW/64262Case Report: Pathophysiology of dynamic mitral regurgitation (MR) in a toxic neonate – a potential pitfall for over-diagnosis of infective endocarditis (IE)Mr Neeraj Mehta
LNR/2020/QRBW/67477A Review of Minor Head Injury Presentations and their Management in Brisbane Emergency DepartmentsDr Gary Mitchell
LNR/2020/QRBW/67944Impact of Socio demographic factors on maternal and perinatal outcomes Dr Thangeswaran Rudra
LNR/2020/QRBW/68028Contribution and feasibility of a pharmacist on an acute surgery ward round as part of the Acute Surgery Perioperative Collaboration Team (ASPECT) Gemma Woodruff
LNR/2020/QRBW/68056MNHHS Ngarrama Maternity Services Evaluation Kelly Smith
LNR/2020/QRBW/67759Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) Utilisation for Lung Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Veronica Tippet
LNR/2020/QRBW/67867Audit of clozapine level monitoring during clozapine titration for inpatient Mental Health clientsZahra Hossein Zadeh
LNR/2020/QRBW/68186Trends in opiate toxicity encounters and evaluating the potential role for take-home naloxone in the Emergency Department of Redcliffe Hospital Prudence James
LNR/2020/QRBW/68289Investigating sustainability of practice change implementing early post-operative diet upgrade in colorectal surgical patients: a scoping surveyDr Angela Byrnes
LNR/2020/QRBW/68318Evaluation of an improved patient flow system at Caboolture Emergency DepartmentLuke Wainwright
LNR/2020/QRBW/65632False Negative Results in the Radiographer Abnormality Alert SystemMoranda Evans
LNR/2020/QRBW/68329 Nutrition education for patients admitted to a drug and alcohol service for voluntary detox Cassie Hoole
LNR/2020/QRBW/68449Audit of updated management of medically unstable eating disordersKylie Matthews-Rensch
LNR/2020/QRBW/68246 Barriers and Enablers to Supporting a Diverse Workforce at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Natasha Roberts
LNR/2020/QRBW/62464Working Differently: evaluating complexity in community mental health teams project Nicole Brigg
LNR/2020/QRBW/68495Comparison of Between the Flags and Queensland Adult Deterioration Detection System in the detection and escalation of clinically deteriorating patients at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s HospitalDr Isabel Scalia
LNR/2020/QRBW/68512Physiotherapy Screening Clinics Pharmacist: A review of patient satisfaction Joseph Parmenter
LNR/2020/QRBW/66356Evaluation of patient satisfaction for virtual consultations (phone and video) in rheumatology outpatients during COVID-19 pandemicDr Yumi Oh
LNR/2020/QRBW/68506A new approach to improving hand hygiene techniqueDr Nicole Gavin
HREC/2020/QRBW/67102Clinical outcomes in patients with ESKD due to Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease in Australia and New ZealandA/Prof Andrew Mallett
LNR/2020/QRBW/68421Quality Improvement Activities in the foodservice nutrition domain - Qld Health Statewide Foodservices Jennifer Ellick
LNR/2020/QRBW/68528Medical Treatment of Patients > 65 years with Acute Behavioural Disturbances on General Wards–a retrospective audit.Amy Le
LNR/2020/QRBW/68092  Comparison of virtual non-contrast to true non-contrast images in dual-layered spectral computed tomography in multiphase renal studiesDr Jeffrey Cheng
LNR/2020/QRBW/68777Taking High Flow to New Heights: A Retrospective Chart Review of The Introduction of High Flow Oxygen Delivery in a Rotary Wing Retrieval Service.Dr Claire Bertenshaw
LNR/2020/QRBW/68773Audit of coding and anaesthetic documentation at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital anaesthetic department and its impact on hospital funding Dr Linda Trang
LNR/2020/QRBW/66920Quality Assurance Activity: Identification of Cardiac Troponin (cTN): interfering autoantibodies to assist in routine diagnostic interpretation of Acute Myocardial Infarction.Dr Carel Pretorius
LNR/2020/QRBW/68918A Review of Sublingual Buprenorphine Use at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Gemma Woodruff
LNR/2020/QRBW/68919Investigating fatigue and radiographer performance in night shifts Trevor Gillbard
LNR/2020/QRBW/67490Do we meet the Criteria? Implementing a best evidence protocol for Rehabilitation of Patients Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Michael Hockey
LNR/2020/QRBW/68267Retrospective cohort study of women diagnosed with secondary postpartum haemorrhageDr Thangeswaran Rudra
LNR/2020/QRBW/69018Pain assessment in the emergency department – does the documentation tool make a difference?Dr James Hughes
LNR/2020/QRBW/64605Choosing Wisely the Sunshine Coast Way Health Professionals Survey: A quality improvement activityMegan Giles
LNR/2020/QRBW/68676Assessing practice change; gastric residual management in the preterm infantDr Katherine White
LNR/2020/QRBW/69186Staff and consumer experiences with changes to Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) screening and diagnosis during COVID-19Dr Susan de Jersey
LNR/2020/QRBW/69264Audit comparing patients with and without regional anaesthesia for shoulder surgeryDr James Forbes
LNR/2020/QRBW/69054A retrospective patient, staff and visitor evaluation of ceiling art installations in ward 8A South of the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) from 1 January 2020 to 31 July 2020Therese Starr
LNR/2020/QRBW/69083How has 2020 changed the way your Radiation Therapy department provides Clinical Education? Brianna McCoola
LNR/2020/QRBW/69466ROTEM guided transfusion reduces blood product usage and transfusion-related adverse outcomesDr Michelle Roets
LNR/2020/QRBW/68844Evaluation of the Termination of Pregnancy Program (QHTOPP Evaluation)Prof Lisa McDaid
LNR/2020/QRBW/69574Audit of Obstetric Inter-Hospital Transfers in Queensland and Northern New South WalesDr Caoimhe O'Sullivan
LNR/2020/QRBW/69274Improving the antenatal class experience Quality Activity for the Project: "Peer educators & dads’ groups - Improving engagement for fathers and families in Metro North maternity services" Helen Funk
LNR/2020/QRBW/68419Evaluation of a rapid upskilling program for ICU nurses as part of the COVID-19 responseHannah Carpenter
LNR/2020/QRBW/69383Implementation of a Post Restrictive Practice Debriefing (PRPD) process in a public mental health service Danielle Alchin
LNR/2020/QRBW/68668 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital - A retrospective auditDr Xavier Conner
LNR/2020/QRBW/68413Clinical audit of resource utilisation and surgical outcomes for breast cancer patients referred for image guided lesion localisation for occult breast lesions Karen Lindsay
LNR/2020/QRBW/69976Strength with Immersion (SwIM) program – Providing mental health immersion to members of the Emergency and Trauma Centre
Nursing Team – A Pilot Evaluation Plan
Dr James Hughes
LNR/2020/QRBW/68735Service evaluation of medical imaging procedures at Metro North Hospital and Health ServiceProf Adam Scott
LNR/2020/QRBW/67345A retrospective quality control study assessing the role of staging imaging in the early stage breast cancer patients at the Caboolture hospitalDr Emma Swan
LNR/2020/QRBW/70180What is the prevalence of and adherence to Advanced Care Plans in the RACF population and their uptake and effect on hospital presentation rates, in the setting of a worldwide pandemic?Dr Shona Baker
HREC/2020/QRBW/69938Correlation of Clinical and Laboratory Parameters in Patients with Common Variable ImmunodeficiencyDr Roger Prentice
HREC/2020/QRBW/69240RBWH Pilot: Radio-guided Occult Lesion Localisation using Iodine-125 Seeds (ROLLIS) for breast cancerKaren Lindsay
LNR/2020/QRBW/69336Queensland Cardiology Genomics Program - Genomic Institute Clinical Implementation Project Michael Baldini
LNR/2020/QRBW/69476Exploring the Prevalence of Positional Head Deformations in a Neonatal UnitLindsay Hepnar
LNR/2020/QRBW/58150RBWH Laparotomy Audit 2013-2018Dr Thomas Crawley-Smith
LNR/2020/QRBW/68523Pyxis MedStations and Pyxis Anaesthesia Stations in Operating Theatres at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital: A Quality
Improvement initiative
A/Prof Kerstin Wyssusek
LNR/2020/QRBW/70386COSA Teletrials Pre-conference Workshop Report Natasha Roberts
LNR/2020/QRBW/70380Optimising the treatment of infection in critically ill neonates, through application of an innovative microsampling approach
(gentamicin) – OPTIONS: Qualitative surveys
Dr Adam Irwin
LNR/2020/QRBW/70421Towards a Knowledge Translation, Innovation and Implementation HubRebecca Moore
LNR/2020/QRBW/70364A review of neuroprotection strategies implemented pre-hospital in adult patients with traumatic brain injury who undergo rapid sequence intubation and their outcomesDr Michael Butterfield
LNR/2020/QRBW/68596Prospective Review of the RBWH Postnatal Discharge Program: Maternal and Infant outcomesDr Melissa Lai
LNR/2020/QRBW/70528Opioid Stewardship Hospital Self-Assessment Tool Survey Pilot Lite Champika Pattullo
LNR/2020/QRBW/69432Incidence, diagnosis and management of adult transient enteroenteric intussusception: an experience in an Australian institutionDr Duc Quang Nguyen
LNR/2020/QRBW/69650The introduction of syndromic sentinel surveillance for outbreak management in Australian healthcare systems: A contextual analysis of stakeholder experiencesProf Janet Davies
LNR/2020/QRBW/66196Predictors of live birth following a single embryo transfer in fresh and frozen IVF/ICSI cycles using machine learningDr Devini Ameratunga
LNR/2020/QRBW/70513Social Work Practice for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting: recommendations for psychosocial assessmentJames Ready
LNR/2020/QRBW/67261An Overview of Opioid Prescribing Trends in Queensland - 2008-2018 Champika Pattullo
LNR/2020/QRBW/69764Outcomes of men with Gleason score 3+4 prostate cancer who initially commence Active Surveillance and predictors of progression to definitive treatmentDr William Yaxley
LNR/2020/QRBW/69337Description of Police Liaison Service for Community Offenders with Potential Mental IllnessProf Ed Heffernan
LNR/2020/QRBW/70688Feasibility study with the aim of introducing the Burns Specific Health Scale Brief in to the RBWH Occupational Therapy burn injury outcomes as the primary Quality of Life outcome measure Andrea McKittrick
LNR/2020/QRBW/70702Asymptomatic testing for SARS-CoV2 in Metro North HHS: July – October 2020Dr Megan Young
LNR/2020/QRBW/70718Case Report: Bilateral anterior ectopia lentis associated with retinitis pigmentosa and presenting with acute angle-closure glaucomaDr Rajan Patheja
LNR/2020/QRBW/70725A Retrospective Audit of Thoracic Epidural Practices and Outcomes in the Department of Anaesthesia at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s HospitalDr Mark Trembath
LNR/2020/QRBW/71796Staff Perspectives of Implementing Integrated Care Planning in a Community Alcohol and Drug Service for Adolescent and Young PeopleDr Rachel Elphinston
LNR/2020/QRBW/71896Using tele-rehabilitation in Day HospitalRajesh Singh
LNR/2020/QRBW/70544An audit of the outcomes following colonoscopy indicated by acute colonic diverticulitis aloneDr Matthew Leaning
LNR/2020/QRBW/71906Tumour p53 expression in Mantle Cell Lymphoma patients eligible for upfront autologous stem cell transplantation: A Retrospective
review of outcomes
Dr Jenna Murray
LNR/2020/QRBW/71733Open Mesenteric Revascularisation for Chronic Mesenteric Ischaemia: A 28-Year Australian ExperienceDr Krishna Pattabathula
LNR/2020/QRBW/71880A survey to describe Family ICU visitation policies, facilities, communication and support variations within and between countries in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemicDr Alexis Tabah
LNR/2020/QRBW/71751Developing evidence based practices to manage a clinical coding teamLeonie Beakey
LNR/2020/QRBW/72000Evaluating the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of a community dietitian within an existing Metro North Mental Health Service Cassie Hoole
LNR/2020/QRBW/72001Adherence to recommended guidelines for low back pain presentations to the RBWH Emergency and Trauma Centre: Barriers, enablers and strategies Janelle Heine
LNR/2020/QRBW/70594Improving consumer resources for adolescent and young adults needing radiation therapy at the RBWH – Resource Design and
Development Survey
Brianna McCoola
LNR/2020/QRBW/72081To complete an audit of return work rates, post burn injury for patients who were managed at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) between November 2019 and May 2020 Andrea Mc Kittrick
LNR/2020/QRBW/72138A retrospective audit of central venous catheter tip position after the implementation of a dedicated central venous catheter bundle in the Department of Anaesthesia at RBWHDr Priyanka Dhillon
LNR/2020/QRBW/72288Patient complaints in general surgery: a retrospective analysis of trends and departmental attitudes to this issueDr William McSweeney
HREC/2020/QRBW/72312Retrospective audit of outcomes of treatment of metastatic neuroendocrine tumours treated with PRRT Lutitium-177 at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Dr Mark Nalder
LNR/2020/QRBW/68258Did COVID - 19 change the patient or referral characteristics to the Metro North Community Palliative Care Service in Brisbane?Dr Vanessa Lewis
LNR/2020/QRBW/70603Retrospective review of neurodevelopmental outcomes of infants following therapeutic hypothermia for hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy in a tertiary nurseryDr Claire Mellick

RBWH Quality Assurance projects 2019

In 2019, RBWH staff conducted more than 200 QA projects. It is intended that in future the outcomes of these activities will be collected and listed here.

Project TitleProject Investigator
Improving care and early detection of deteriorating patients in Cancer Care ServicesMs Lisa Wong
Oral Mucositis Prevention AuditMs Midori Nakagaki
Outpatient antimicrobial therapy programs and Vancomycin Dosing: How will AUC dosing change current practice?Dr Kate McCarthy
Examining Sustainability and Implementation of Pregnancy Weight Gain Charts in Routine Antenatal CareDr Susan de Jersey
A Retrospective Audit of Endoscopic Ultrasound Tissue Sampling in a Large Australian Tertiary Centre: Cytology vs HistologyDr Yin Hiew Kia
Delivering Personalised Sensory Intervention on Adult Inpatient Mental Health UnitsMs Susan Patterson
Vascular Access Surveillance & Education (VASE) – Optimising Audit Routines (OAR Project)Ms Nicole Marsh
Dialysis access: Audit of tunnelled venous catheter insertionDr Clyson Mutatiri
Assessing the impact of the Beckman Coulter hs-cTnI assayProf Louise Cullen
Audit of dietetic practice against newly updated Metro North Refeeding Syndrome GuidelinesMiss Kylie Matthews
Red cell transfusion triggers in very preterm infantsProfessor Mark Davies
Pregnancy Plasma Metanephrine reference intervals: Data from an Australian populationDr Richard RUDDELL
Thrombospondin Type-1 Domain-Containing 7A and Membranous Nephropathy - A Retrospective Analysis of Podocyte Antigen Prevalence and Prognosis in an Australian CohortDr Katharine Hegerty
Prevalence of transthyretin (ATTR) cardiac amyloidosis in the Australian population estimated using 99mTc-hydroxymethylene disphosphonate and 99mTc-methylene diphosphonate planar bone scanDr Claire Cuscaden
Clinical outcomes of women referred colposcopy for HPV positive, liquid base cytology negative or LSILDr Louise White
RBWH Annual inpatient audit /database projectsMs Emma Osland
To determine the TRIP training and support needs of Allied Health ProfessionalsMrs Sally Barrimore
Exploration of healthcare provider and patients views towards the implementation of an Allied Health-led TeleBurns Model of CareMs Amber Jones
Challenging the limits of informed medication consent: An audit of the use of off-label medications in the Australian Adult Intensive Care UnitProfessor Jeffrey Lipman
Nutritional intake and mealtime care of older peopleMrs Martine Waters
To evaluate and quantify the patient profile and 'standard' episode of care of patients referred to the RBWH Physiotherapy Outpatient DepartmentMr Oliver Rowley
An assessment of the association between Anaesthetic Drugs and Transfusion Related Immune Modulation during Intraoperative Cell Salvage (AD-TRIMICS)Dr Michelle Roets
Lymph node metastasis in squamous cell carcinoma of the lipDr Robert Calvisi
A Retrospective Audit on the use of Oxandrolone In Burns PatientsDr Megan Grigg
Pre Hospital Initial Fluid Therapy Estimate in Early Nasty Burns (15-B)Dr Daniel Bodnar
Practice Audit of Iron Infusions in Inpatients at RBWHMrs Sarah Steinke
Feasibility and cost vs Benefit of implementing eHealth nutrition intervention at RBWHDr Adrienne Young
Knowledge and opinions of Anaesthetists regarding operating theatre recycling practices at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital – a departmental survey.Dr Yena Hwang
Incidence of lymphoedema following lymph node removal in the surgical treatment of breast cancer: a retrospective auditMiss Kirsty Quince
Ventilation strategies used and CO2 levels in neonates with established Bronchopulmonary dysplasia within the Grantley Stable Neonatal UnitDr Kristin O'Connor
Diabetes AuditDr Thomas Ulahannan
A Multi-Site Drug Use Evaluation of IV and Oral Phosphate UseMrs Sarah Steinke
Evaluation of Parkinson’s disease medication appropriateness on transition into hospital – a retrospective auditMiss Mika Varitimos
Retrospective data collection: Anaemia and Patient Blood Management (PBM) practices in the Emergency Department at the RBWHDr Kevin Chun Kit Chan
Medical Student Perceptions of Mental Health RotationDr Taraneh Khoo
Audit of outcomes following decompressive craniectomy at RBWHDr Rosalind "Lindy" Jeffree
Avoiding valproate exposure in pregancy in psychiatryMs Minnie Park
Exploration of biologic prescribing, administration and therapeutic drug monitoring patterns in patients with IBDMs Kelly Hayward
Salpingectomy at the time of hysterectomy for benign gynaecologic disease: a comparison of surgical approachesDr Helena Obermair
Surgical Management of Cornual Ectopic Pregnancies at RBWHDr Kathryn Green
Working Alliance and Videoconference Psychotherapy for Chronic PainMr Scott Ruddell
Audit comparing hypothermia rates (mild, moderate, severe) in the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit at RBWH prior to and after implementation of a quality assurance cycle.Dr Geoffrey Messer
Assessment of pharmacy imprest distribution process before and after implementation of the Medication Dispensing and Distribution Robot (MDDR)Ms Bonnie Tai
Teaching and Learning Styles – a comparison and time in motion reviewMs Anna Hendy
Allied Health cancer activity descriptorsMrs Martine Waters
Evaluation of the High Risk Discharge ClinicMs Jenna Turkington
Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in the Emergency & Trauma CentreMs Elizabeth Doran
An audit of obstetric anal sphincter injury over 4 years at a tertiary obstetric hospital.Dr Shannyn Rosser
Microbial colonisation in intubated ICU patientsDr Matthew Bright
Perioperative diabetes management in patients undergoing elective surgical or interventional procedures – a hospital wide quality assurance audit.Miss Abby Yu
An audit of movement and mobility protocols after surgical intervention for the management of burn injuries at the Royal Brisbane and Women's HospitalDr Michael Chen
Impact of Electric Scooters on the Emergency DepartmentDr Antonio Silva Salinas
A stitch in time: Evaluation of the impact and efficacy of an MDT psychoeducation workshop for non-urgent referrals on the PTCMPC waitlistDr Genesta Nicolson
RFDS pregnancy transfers and outcomes in a rural and remote Australian populationDr Fergus Gardiner
Clinical Audit of Quantitative SPECT/CT in Nuclear Medicine Diamox Challenge Brain SPECT/CTMs Ingrid Holmes
An audit of adherence to Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT) principles in anaesthetic medical practitioners performing Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation (USGPIVC)Dr Jessica Taylor
Advancing lung cancer detection in developed and developing countries - DetectEDProfessor Patrick Brennan
A retrospective audit of opioid dose in patients referred to a persistent pain serviceA/Prof Paul Gray
Diagnosis of N3b neck disease in Head and Neck PatientsDr Sarju Vasani
Improving patient safety in MRI of programmable cerebrospinal fluid shunts at Royal Brisbane and Women’s HospitalDr Denver Khoo
AWOL: Audit of Walking and mobility post-operative Orders Leading to delays in physiotherapy.Dr Peter Thomas
Evaluation of anticoagulation appropriateness pre- and post-ischaemic stroke secondary to atrial fibrillationMiss Mika Varitimos
Evaluation and critique of muscle biopsy and next generation sequencing in the investigation of adult muscle diseasesDr Joel Corbett
Validating 3D mdoels for surgical planning in urologyDr Michael Chen
An evaluation of the prescribing patterns for oxycodone on discharge from hospital post surgeryMrs Champika Pattullo
Validation of the HemoCue White Cell Differential device in a networked point of care system of 21 devices in QueenslandScientist Vince Hale
Total Joint Clinical Pathway Review including Day of Surgery Mobilisation and Preadmission OptimisationMr Steven Elvy
Implementation and Evaluation of a Nurse- Allied Health Multidisciplinary Post-Bone Marrow Transplant ClinicMs Midori Nakagaki
Retrospective analysis of OSA severity and subjective sleepiness for the eligibility of a Medicare funded diagnostic sleep studyMs Courtney Jarrett
Cone Beam Computed Tomography Pattern at an Australian Dental Hospital: A A retrospective AnalysisDr Alyssa Zhang
The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Allied Health TeleBurns Clinic: an implementation evaluation using the RE-AIM approachMs Amber Jones
QCRPN Statewide Tracheostomy Survey 2019Miss Nanette Paxman
Esophagectomies and ERAS at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital: A 24 month retrospective auditDr Janjovenjit Bassi
Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter Retrieval - AuditDr Brendon Loh
Adherence to aspects of clinical guidelines for stroke (2017) in Acute Stroke Unit physiotherapy: a service evaluationMr Ian Parker
Measuring physiotherapy intensity of practice for patients admitted to the RBWH Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit: a service evaluation.Mr Ian Parker
Testicular cancer surveillance auditDr Jessica Cook
A sensory group program for community mental health consumers: findings, lessons and recommendationsMS Samantha Bicker
Sensory Modulation and Balcony Refurbishment - Mental Health Unit G and I Floor RBWHMs Samantha Bicker
RBWH Pulmonary Rehabilitiaton: Review of referral practices and analysis of the impact attendance has on readmisison ratesMiss Megan Shipperley
PCI Pamphlet: A Patient-Centered InterventionMr Joseph Parmenter
Evaluation of the Impact of an Acute Oncology Service on Patient Outcomes and Health Care Utilisation in a Regional Queensland HospitalMrs Julie Evans
RBWH Occupational Therapy (2019) auditing framework for identifying improvements to acute adult burns careMiss Andrea Mc Kittrick
Moisture LesionsMs Colette McIntyre
Meropenem continuous infusion and TDMMiss Amy Legg
MR Enterography - Impact on image quality using split dose buscopanDr Akshay Rao
Single-Centre Retrospective Audit of the Use of Tapentadol at RBWH (Tapentadol Usage)Dr Arushi Madan
Microwave ablation of small renal tumours: an audit of procedural efficacy and oncological outcomes at Royal Brisbane and Women’s HospitalDr Denver Khoo
An audit of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) management at the RBWHDr Richard Skoien
Antibiotics in surgical prophylaxis: an audit of reported allergy and risk assessment at the Sunshine Coast University HospitalDr Eavan O'Brien
Improving access to clinical supervision, education & support to Qhealth Dietitians working with people with Eating Disorders via peer group supervision (PGS) and desktop knowledge pathways (DKP)Mrs amanda davis
Early barriers and enablers to implementing a Multi-site Acute Stroke Nutrition Care PathwayMiss Margot Leeson-Smith
The Use of Validated Patient Reported Experience and Outcome Measures in Patients Receiving Ferinject for Iron Deficiency AnaemiaA/Professor Kerstin Wyssusek
Peri-levator palpebrae superiors triamcinolone injection for the treatment of thyroid eye disease-associated upper eyelid retraction – A retrospective case series and review of the literatureProfessor Timothy Sullivan
Understanding hospital acquired constipation at RBWH – retrospective chart auditDr Adrienne Young
Evaluation of the Outcomes of Pneumatic Post Amputation Mobility Aids in Early Rehabilitation of Lower Limb AmputeesMr Peter Bryan
Audit of new nutrition support protocol for allogeneic transplantationMs Sarah Andersen
Improving early recovery after surgery protocols on the Sunshine Coast - preoperative anaemia at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health ServiceDr Eavan O'Brien
Retrospective audit of maternal and perinatal outcomes following HELLP (haemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelets) syndrome in women at the Royal Brisbane and Women's HospitalDr Thushani Adikari
Quality Assurance Project evaluating Implementation of Clinical Guidelines for Acute Stroke Management in Speech Pathology at RBWHDr Anna Farrell
Retrospective clinical audit of high dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplantation in relapsed metastatic germ cell tumours across all sites in Australia from 1992-2017Dr Anna Kuchel
Does a “same-day discharge policy” have an effect on quality of discharge summaries?Dr Graeme Mattison
Process validation for dehydrated amniotic allograftsDr Tony Parker
What are the barriers and enablers to implementing midwifery continuity of care in maternity for women with history of prejudicial or vulnerable backgrounds?Mrs Patricia Smith
Carer Peer Mentor Project Service EvaluationMrs Amy Hannigan
Audit of management of patients with a medically unstable eating disorder in internal medicineDr Kylie Matthews
A retrospective audit examining the feasibility and durability of response following re-challenge with immune checkpoint inhibitor post grade 3-4 immune-related adverse eventDr Laura Tam
Snapshot of assessment processes for suspected acute coronary syndrome in the Emergency DepartmentProf Louise Cullen
Immune checkpoint inhibitor hepatotoxicity rates, associations and clinical management auditDr Mark Flower
Thermoregulation –Evaluation of a Quality Improvement BundleMs Li-An Collie
This audit is a retrospective review of medical records to review the provision of publicly funded vaccinations in our HIV cohort, this includes Hep B vaccination, Pneumovax and FluvaxMs Fiona Taylor
Hypophosphataemia in ICU – causes, incidence, management and outcomesDr Jeremy Sin
The volume of polyethylene terephthalate plastic accumulated in one month of surgical operations at RBWH: a prospective auditDr Maggie Keys
Development of a Performance Index/Balanced Scorecard for Community & Oral Health and submission of a project report to QUT on a context assessment and implementation plan on the projectMs Tamara Dutschke
An audit of the volume and indications for opioid prescriptions written on discharge from the Redcliffe Hospital Maternity Ward and evaluation of interventions to improve prescribingMs Benita Suckling
Oxycodone usage in medical patients – a retrospective reviewMrs Champika Pattullo
RBWH ED_OPIOID SustainabilityMrs Champika Pattullo
Diversity in Health Care: A Gap AnalysisMs Natasha Roberts
Audit of Metabolic Monitoring and Interventions for Mental Health Consumers on Antipsychotics in the Inpatient SettingMiss Grace O'Halloran
A retrospective review of outcomes of patients who participated in the PET/CT pancreas studyDr William McGahan
Arterial contrast opacification in computed tomography pulmonary angiography: a clinical auditMiss Lucy Parton
Positioning of the lower limb for the management of complex clinical conditions in an inpatient setting: a review of current practiceMrs Kaitlyn Spalding
Outcomes of autologous stem cell transplant for relapsed and refractory Diffuse large B Cell lymphoma in the rituximab era.Dr James Rowland
Examination and analysis of pre-recorded audit data from Operation Theatres, Medical Emergency Response Team, and Intensive Care UnitDr Antony Ji
Time to commencement of NAC in pancreatic adenocarcinomaDr Laurence Webber
The management of infants with hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy treated with therapeutic hypothermia: a clinical audit assessing adequacy of adherence to Queensland Clinical Guidelines on Hypoxic Ischaemic encephalopathyDoctor Dayan De Alwis
High Frequency Ventilation Use in Our Unit: Initial and Subsequent Ventilation Settings to Achieve Acceptable Carbon Dioxide Levels (pCO2)Dr Jane Pienaar
Evaluating the use of the Leading the Way in Your Recovery resourceDr Nicole Andrews
Implementation of Preadmission Social Work Model of Care: Context assessment and evaluation of service outcomes, including patient satisfactionMrs Anne De Ruiter
Professor Tess Cramond Multidisciplinary Pain Centre (PTCMPC) patient demographic, location and opiate useDr Sachin Hansrajh
RBWH Physiotherapy staff attitudes toward undergraduate physiotherapy student clinical education: a cross-sectional surveyMr Garry Anderson
Thoracic duct embolisation in low volume centres: an effective first line intervention for traumatic chylothoraxDr Nigel Mott
Pre-Implementation Case Study: Transport coordination within MNHHSDr Thomas Ulahannan
To determine Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMS) and Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) post burn injuries to the ear from the consumer and clinician perspectives across Australia and New ZealandMrs Sharon Montgomery
A feasibility study of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) in the burns cohort in an acute tertiary facilityMiss Andrea Mc Kittrick
Fasting status of elective patients presenting for colorectal and bariatric surgery at the RBWHMiss Andrea Mc Kittrick
Developing a model of care to address elder abuseDr Carin Lye
Evaluation of Parkinson’s disease medication appropriateness in surgical patients – a retrospective auditMs Amanda Masters
Exploring the Experience of the Hospital Environment for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA's) with CancerMiss Mika Varitimos
Case of a malignant carotid body tumour with systemic metastases: the utility of multi-modal imagingMs Mandy Fairclough
Mycoplasma Genitalium Audit Metro North Sexual Health ServicesMs Jacqualine McLellan
Advanced lymphoedema course quality evaluationMs Leonie Naumann
RBWH Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMS) TrialMrs Aideen Hanly-Platz
Pharmacist-led Drug Use Evaluation and de-prescribing amongst in-centre Haemodialysis PatientsMs Anna Hendy
Drug allergies reported by patients at pre-anaesthetic consultDr Jeremy Sin
Acute Surgical Unit Perioperative Medicine AuditDr Gillian Wright
To identify and quantify the frequency of a new Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) at the RBWH from a predetermined selection of ADRs and the number of those reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).Ms Sally Broadley
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Grantley Stable Neonatal Unit Prescribing Audit 2019Miss Isabelle Fassbind
Use of Antenatal Corticosteroids for Women at High Risk of Preterm Birth at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital - Service EvaluationDr Janet Sharpe
Environmental sustainability in foodservice: strategies and mechanisms for changeDr Adrienne Young
Authorized Prescriber - Authorized Prescriber status for Gallium 68 DOTATATE and PSMA PET scansDr John Blazak
Use of Antenatal Corticosteroids for Women at High Risk of Preterm Birth at Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital - Service EvaluationDr Janet Sharpe
Assessment of a Renal Genetics Workshop presented to clinicians: Effectiveness, areas of strength, and opportunities for improvement as reported by survey of participants.A/Prof Andrew Mallett
An audit of discharge dispensing of long-acting and immediate-release opioids and pregabalin from surgical and orthopaedic units compared to medical and rehabilitation wards in 2016, 2017 and 2018Ms Benita Suckling
Are we safe? Unravelling issues for safetyMs Jeanette Tyler
An evaluation of a Quality Improvement cycle to optimise the prescribing of opioid medications on discharge from a hospital ward or clinical unitMrs Champika Pattullo
Assessment of available biochemical markers of vitamin B12 deficiencyDr Gemma Daley
Redcliffe Hospital ICU Visitation Audit – Effect of Patient Clinical Condition, Visitor Demographic and Time of Day on Visitation Trends in a 24-hour Open ICUDr. Bradley Loughrey
Quality Focused Interventions for the Relief of Symptoms Team (QFIRST) Audit: Evaluation of the impacts of a pilot multi-disciplinary model of care for the assessment, investigation and planning of high-risk patients undergoing procedures at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.Dr William Curtis
Enhancing mental health care for families in Metro North Hospital Health ServicesMs Helen Funk
Prevalence of artefactually low ACE activity due to ACEI therapy and the potential role of mass concentration measurement as an alternative.Dr Carel Pretorius
Suicide Risk Assessment and management in Emergency Department setting training evaluation - Royal Brisbane and Women's HospitalProf Nicholas Graves
An audit to determine the rate of adverse events in patients fitted with a HALO orthosis at the RBWH Orthotics department between November 2003 and April 2019Mr Yutaka Arai
Standardising protocol driven enteral feeding at Royal Women's and Brisbane HospitalDr Angela Byrnes
An investigation into coping strategies among employees going through multi-directional changes: A case of Community and Oral Health ServicesMs Nomsa Ncube
Survival rate and neurodevelopmental outcomes of extremely premature babies: a 3-year experience of a tertiary neonatal centerDr Nu Nu Lwin
Evaluating an allied health knowledge translating training and support initiative: Allied Health Translating Research Into Practice (AH-TRIP)Dr Adrienne Young
Surgical Day Care Unit (SDCU) Fasting clock for elective patients presenting for colorectal and bariatric surgery at the RBWHDr Joanna Yu
The Impact of patient habitus on occupational eye exposure from endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography proceduresMiss Georgia Quigley
Evaluating the impact of shared care between haematology and general practiceDr Cameron Curley
Pilot study for collection of audiogram data to assist with calculation required for sample size for future RCT under separate HREC application (pending submission).Dr Susannah Sherlock
Audit of vascular patients undergoing treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.Dr Jason Jenkins
Is it appropriate for Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists to see Category 1 spinal outpatients in a tertiary neurosurgery outpatient department: a service evaluation.Mr Matthew Stewart
Feasibility of implementing plantar pressure mapping software into routine practice for the treatment of individuals with Diabetic Foot Disease in the RBWH Orthotics and Prosthetics DepartmentMr Andrew MacDonald
Mid meal provision on GEMSMiss Tenielle Hamlin
The use of digital technology to improve efficiency of Home Assessment practice compared to usual practiceMrs Kaitlyn Spalding
A Plan to Beat the Pain - The implementation of personalised post-operative pain management plansMiss Katina Black
Hyperbaric oxgyen therapy (HBOT) in radiation-induced cystitis at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital - a retrospective outcome analysis.Dr Yena Hwang
Value based care through behavioural change: optimising medication use in the Emergency DepartmentDr Rob Pearlman
Cytoreductive Surgery in Advanced Endometrial cancer: A multicentre Retrospective StudyDr Andrea Garrett
Assessing the current practice for dosing of intraprocedural Unfractionated Heparin during Pulmonary Vein Isolation procedures.Ms Jesseca Eglington
Vitamin D testing AuditMr Jared Zipf
Specialist Outpatients Capacity AnalysisMs Christine Gilbert
Physiotherapists' attitudes to the use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) in an elective orthopaedic surgery cohortMs Cate Carter
An Audit of Empiric Drug Dosing and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Vancomycin in Adult patients at the Royal Brisbane and Women's HospitalMr Nicholas Ah Yui
Rural Hospital user experience of TelehealthDr Bee Kiat Ang
Clinical audit: State-of-the-art imaging and genetic testing for phaeochromocytomas and paragangliomas: the Royal Brisbane experienceDr Simon Ryder
Retrospective review of outcomes for breast re-excisions RBWHDr Ben Green
Attending to the physical health of morbidly obese adults with severe mental illness being treated by public mental health service: a six year retrospective examination of practice and patient physical health trajectories as reflected in BMI and other outcomes.Dr Evelyn Ma
Time in motion / KPI study - Patient Flow Flexbed UnitMs Adrienne Kostellar
Evaluating the state-wide implementation of the Framework for Effective and Efficient Dietetics Services (FEEDS)Dr Adrienne Young
Knowledge and opinions of perioperative nursing staff regarding operating theatre recycling practices at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.Dr Yena Hwang
VTE Prophylaxis in Surgical Patients at RBWHMiss Hannah Knowles
Are opioids appropriately prescribed on discharge from surgical wards?Ms Gemma Woodruff
An audit of the use of ultrasound-guided management and outcomes in gestational diabetes patients at RBWH.Ms Sarah Davidson
Perspectives on technology use to enhance self- management in bariatric surgery patientsMiss Rebecca Healy
Augmented Reality Surgical Airway Overlay EvaluationDr Chiara Santomauro
A retrospective review of carbon monoxide poisoning cases and their management at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital 2010-2018Dr David Kramer
Retrospective audit of processes and outcomes of Category 1 Caesarean Sections (Cat 1 CS) at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) from January 2010- December 2019Associate Professor Rebecca Kimble
Symptomatic infrarenal aortic aneurysm sac expansion five years post endovascular repair without an identifiable endoleakMr Teal Derboghossian
RADAR Service EvaluationMrs Karen Venaglia
Retrospective audit of stress ulcer prophylaxis medications in critically ill patients in ICUDoctor Krunal Gajjar
Wireless Vital Sign MonitoringProf Adam Scott
Ongoing evaluation of an innovative model of facilitated peer group support (via videoconference) with goal of improving access to clinical supervision, education and support to Dietitians working with people with Eating Disorders.Mrs Amanda Davis
Adherence to recommended guidelines for low back pain presentations to the RBWH Emergency and Trauma CentreMrs Sarah Flanagan
An audit of ventriculo-peritoneal shunts inserted at RBWH with attention to outcomes after laparoscopic and mini-laparotomy distal catheter insertions.Dr Rosalind "Lindy" Jeffree
The use of muscle relaxants and reversal agents in elective caesarean sections performed under general anaesthesia: a retrospective audit of practice.Dr Anthony Hodge
The creation of bespoke radiotherapy phantomsDr Paul Charles
Milk curd obstruction in preterm infantsDr Jasmine Antoine
Management impact of I-124 PET/CT for staging and prospective dosimetry of advanced thyroid cancerA/Prof David Pattison


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