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Get involved

The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital strongly believes in patients, their carers and staff working together to continuously improve services.

Partner with us to make a difference

We are seeking current or past patients of Queensland Health who are interested in helping design and deliver better hospital services. You may also be a family member or a carer of a patient who has or is using our health service.

By applying to be a consumer representative, you can provide advice and participate in improvements and plans for future service development.

You can play a vital role in healthcare decision-making by sharing your unique experiences and providing a consumer perspective.


We have developed a training program to support new consumer representatives and offer professional development opportunities. More information will be provided on commencement of your role or you can email us on

Meet one of our consumer representatives

Why I became a consumer representative

“As recipients of the hospital’s services we help complete the 360 degree view of how health care should be delivered.”

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Register to become a Consumer Representative

  • Depending on your interest, experience and availability, there are many opportunities for involvement.

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  • Information disclaimer and consent

    Information collected by this form will be used for engagement activities coordinated by RBWH, and will remain confidential. You can opt-out at any time by contacting

    While Queensland Health endeavours to ensure that the online transmission of the form, containing your information, over the internet is secure, the inherent nature of the internet means that there is a potential risk that your information may be viewed or intercepted by third parties.

    Accordingly, submission through the online form shall be at your own risk and Queensland Health accepts no responsibility or liability for any unauthorised access to your information contained in the form when it is submitted online over the internet.

    It is inadvisable to complete this form on a public or shared computer. If a public or shared computer is used then this shall be at your own risk, and you must take all reasonable steps to ensure your confidential information does not remain on the computer or in any way accessible by a third party.

    Individuals who submit the form online should receive an acknowledgement from Queensland Health that the Form has been sent, on the screen, following submission. Queensland Health accepts no responsibility or liability if this acknowledgement does not appear or we do not receive your online submission.

    You acknowledge that you have read and understood Queensland Health’s Privacy Statement and Disclaimer.

How do I join?

Do you use or have an interest in improving our services?

Join our team by completing this form.

There are many opportunities for involvement depending on your interest, experience and availability.

Staff of RBWH, Metro North Hospital and Health Service, elected officials (Local, State, Federal) and lobbyists are not eligible to join. These groups can email for other options to engage with us.

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