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Why I became a consumer representative

As a survivor of catastrophic injuries sustained in a road accident, I had the opportunity to experience first-hand many aspects of the RBWH, from the operating theatre to intensive care and the wards. I met some incredible people and was the recipient of some amazing care.

Spending several months at the RBWH recovering from my injuries gave me time to observe how the hospital delivers many of its services. Time which helped me to understand the enormous challenges faced by the hospital and its staff in delivering care to so many people simultaneously. It also allowed me the time to note opportunities to improve an already wonderful hospital.

Given the investment made by the hospital in firstly saving my life and then helping me on my road to recovery, I felt compelled to invest back in the hospital. I have done this in many ways, one of which was becoming a consumer representative: A role which gives me a voice in representing the views and needs of the recipients of the hospital’s many services, such as patients, families and carers.

Consumer Representatives have an important role to play, not just by having a voice in the delivery of care, but also as recipients of the hospital’s services, our input helps complete the 360 degree view of how health care should be delivered

Darryl O’Callaghan, Consumer Representative at RBWH

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