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Greener and more environmentally sustainable healthcare

We want Metro North Heath to be the sustainability leader
of the healthcare industry.

At Metro North Health, we care for our community in more ways than one.

Our plan is to create a healthier, happier and more sustainable environment for our staff, patients and community.

We are making positive change to meet the Queensland Government’s emissions reduction targets to become net zero by 2050.

Green Metro North energy plan timeline exerpt graphicThe Green Metro North – Sustainability Strategy 2021-2026 is our plan to convert our energy to 50 per cent renewable sources by 2030 and to reduce our overall carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 and consistent with the Queensland Government’s energy targets under the Queensland Climate Transition Strategy.

Sustainability is everyone’s business. We embrace and encourage an environmentally sustainable culture across our workforce. Green Teams exist across all of our facilities and engagement with key clinical stakeholders in the sustainability sector has been ongoing to help us plan for a clinical sustainability working group.

Metro North is a proud member of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint and promoting public and environmental health.

We are taking positive steps to enhance energy efficiency and to reduce waste. We are putting a range of actions for sustainable change into play across six green initiative areas: Waste, Transport, Energy, Procurement, Food and Water.

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Putting sustainability into action

  • Metro North Health has achieved a number of environment sustainability firsts
    for health, and we will continue to set our bar high.
  • Green Metro North 100% electric hospital by 2035 infographicReleased our Sustainability Strategy 2021-2026 in February 2021 and the first hospital and health service in Queensland to do so.
  • 50 initiatives in action to enhance waste reduction, reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, increase recycling or recovering waste and divert it from landfill; and reduce waste from single-use items.
  • We aim to be a 100% electric hospital by 2035. Improving our energy systems
    and infrastructure and investing in a more sustainable energy future to reduce
    carbon emissions and increase solar PV generation capacity.
  • Green Metro North 100% passenger vehicles to ZEVs by 2026 infographicIntroduced Queensland Health’s first zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) and are tracking towards 100% passenger ZEVs by 2026 and rolling out charging stations.
  • Transitioning 100% of our passenger vehicles to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) by 2026, including a staged rollout of charging infrastructure.
  • Our Sustainable Design Guidelines are a health service first and set high sustainability requirements for all building maintenance and capital work.
  • First Queensland hospital and health service to develop a decarbonisation
    pathway for a Queensland Health building. Decarbonisation pathway planning
    is being planned for all sites.
  • Stage one of the solar PV rollout is complete with all eight sites connected to
    grid generating onsite power, offsetting energy use and reducing emissions.
    Stage 2 solar PV planning is underway.
  • A dedicated Climate Risk Adaptation Infrastructure Committee has been
    established to focus on prioritising mitigation of climate risks across our
    facilities ensuring we remain resilient into the future.
  • The Prince Charles Hospital is Queensland’s first hospital, and the first large
    tertiary hospital in Australia, to decommission its use of reticulated nitrous oxide
    anaesthetic gas to reduce potent greenhouse gas emissions that leak from
    piped infrastructure.

Metro North Health is a proud member of

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