Maternity Services Referral Catchment

To facilitate supporting families closer to home, from October 2021 the RBWH will not be accepting referrals from Brisbane Metro South and West Moreton. This will apply to all models of care currently offered with the exception of the below.

The exclusions include:

  • The acceptance of all referrals for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women (i.e. Ngarrama) who would like maternity care at RBWH to support the ‘Closing the Gap’ initiative
  • Women requiring tertiary care at RBWH due to pre-existing medical conditions which are currently managed at RBWH
  • Complex maternal cardiac conditions occurring in pregnancy
  • Women under the care of Private Practice Midwives credentialled at RBWH; and
  • General medicine / Obstetric medicine telehealth referrals

Contact us

Maternity outpatient appointments
Location: Ground floor, Ned Hanlon Building
Phone: (07) 3646 7182
Open: Monday-Friday 8.00am-4.00pm

Private practice appointments
Phone: (07) 3646 3395

Refer a patient

Maternity outpatient
Complete the Maternity booking in referral form and forward it to Metro North Central Patient Intaketo refer your patient.

Dietitian maternity outpatient
Complete the Maternity Dietitian Outpatient Referral Form for telephone coaching weight management program

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