Queensland Milk Bank

Queensland Milk Bank

To improve and futureproof the Queensland Milk Bank’s service capabilities for years to come, we are merging with Red Cross Lifeblood to build a new milk bank.

Based in Queensland, the new Milk Bank will establish an integrated supply of life-giving donor breastmilk and generate more capacity to collect, pasteurise and store milk for distribution across Australia.  As a result, life-enhancing milk will be available to more preterm and unwell babies across Australia than ever before.

We are eternally grateful to the generous donors who have supported the Queensland Milk Bank for the past eight and a half years. Thousands of babies have received a better start to life thanks to these selfless individuals. We are also grateful to our entire Milk Bank community who have inspired and supported our cause every single day.

The Queensland Milk Bank is no longer accepting new donors. If you would like to apply to be a donor with the new Lifeblood Milk Bank, please visit https://www.milkbank.com.au/ for further information.

Frequently asked questions

Australia Red Cross Lifeblood and the Queensland Milk Bank are merging to improve and futureproof the donated breast milk supply to vulnerable infants. This merger will enable us to expand capacity with the construction of a new, larger facility funded by the Department of Health. There will also be great potential for future research projects into the benefits of donated breast milk in other vulnerable infants for whom it’s not currently available.

The new facility will be a Lifeblood facility and it will be operated in collaboration with Queensland Milk Bank.

44 Musk Avenue Kelvin Grove. Just around the corner from the existing Queensland Milk Bank.

We will continue to supply all of the hospitals that Lifeblood and Queensland Milk Bank currently supply, and any others that need supply. The supply will not be interrupted by the merger.

We are so grateful to all of our generous donors to date. Once the new facility is built and operational, we will be encouraging new donors to apply.

Yes, due to privacy reasons the Queensland Milk Bank is unable to share confidential donor details with Lifeblood systems. If you have or are currently donating to the Queensland Milk Bank, you will need to reapply to be a donor with Lifeblood. We are working to make this process as fast and simple as possible for those who would like to continue donating.

This merger will provide opportunity to create more jobs as the service expands. Queensland Milk Bank staff will play a vital role in the transition to the new Milk Bank.

Breast milk has the best nutrition for an baby. Some mothers may not be able to breastfeed or express milk to feed their premature or sick newborn due to low supply or maternal illness. The next best thing is breast milk donated by other mothers.

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Phone: 1300 459 040
Media enquiries: metronorthnews@health.qld.gov.au

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