Inspired by a Japanese story, school students fold 1,000 paper cranes for sick patients.

The display was inspired by the story of Sadako from Hiroshima.

Art students at Kelvin Grove State College have generously donated an inspiring work of art made of 1,000 folded paper cranes.

Kelvin Grove SC and RBWH formed a partnership in 2020 whereby various departments at the hospital are paired with classes at the school, guided by which areas the students think would benefit the most. This year, the psychology team partnered with the school’s art department on a ‘Windows to the World’ project.

This display, which can be seen in the staff entry outside the chapel, is based on the Japanese story of Sadako from Hiroshima. Suffering from radiation poisoning, Sadako attempted to fold 1,000 paper cranes as tradition said it would help her recover.

The students donated the 1,000 cranes in the hope it helps the Royal’s sick patients.

In the Psychology Clinic, the staff council office walls where patients enter are filled with more beautiful artwork provided by the school and patients love to hear where it originated.

This ‘Windows to the World’ project brings great connection between community and the hospital and aims to spark some joy for patients and staff.

It’s greatly beneficial for the students as well, who learn to express their emotions through artwork.

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