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General Practice Liaison

GP Liaison Officers (GPLOs) support the partnership between primary care and the Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS). GPLOs are medical officers that are dedicated to improving communication, pathways and services between primary care and the hospital system to better patient outcomes.

Find out more about the GPLO team.

What we do

GPLOs are in a unique position to work with the MNHHS to provide guidance and support to both primary and hospital sectors. GPLOs work across a range of services and hospitals and look to assist services by:

  • Providing information and guidance on referral pathways and navigating services such as Refer your patient, Health pathways, GP Smart Referrals and The Viewer
  • Enhancing communication between primary, community and hospital care
  • Identifying and addressing service gaps especially at the interface between primary and secondary care
  • Developing appropriate clinical pathways between settings
  • Curating GP education
  • Improving patient experience through continuity of care
  • Involvement in innovation and co-design of services by providing primary care perspective and engagement

For further information about or to engage with the GPLO program, please contact us at

Useful Information

  • We encourage you to use GP Smart Referrals to make your referral as it auto populates information, flags which are essential investigations required for the referral to be accepted, allows you to attach images and includes outpatient wait times for each department.
  • You can also refer your patients to Metro North Health via a single Secure Messaging (STS) address for the Metro North Central Patient Intake Unit (CPIU) as follows:
    • Medical Objects ID: MQ40290004P
    • HealthLink EDI: qldmnhhs
    • Fax: 1300 364 952 (Please note: CPIU will stop taking faxed referrals from July 2022)
  • For questions after the patient has been seen please call the specialty outpatient department at the relevant hospital, alternatively correspondence from the SOPD may be found on The Viewer

Release of information

  • Non urgent: Please send a request on letterhead with patient signed consent to the fax number below, this will generally be actioned within 2-3 business days

Medical records/ROI contact details

  • RBWH Ph: (07) 3646 5360, F: (07) 3646 8099
  • TPCH Ph: (07) 3139 4000 (ask for medical records/ROI), F: (07) 3139 4908
  • Redcliffe Ph: (07) 3883 7296, F: (07) 3883 7906
  • Caboolture Ph: (07) 5433 8888 (ask for medical records/ROI), F: (07) 5433 8706
  • STARS Ph: (07) 3647 7111 (ask for medical records/ROI), F: (07) 3647 6052,
    Email: NB email preferred

Other options for accessing patient information include:

  • The Viewer/Health Provider Portal: ED presentations, recent pathology, some imaging, Discharge Summaries, SOPD appointments and letters. Once registered go to here to access The Viewer
  • My Health Record tab in your GP Practice Software – provides Pathology, Radiology & Queensland Health Discharge Summaries.

If you are wanting to speak to a treating team regarding specific patient information or advice, please contact the treating team through switch at the designated hospital

    • RBWH Ph: (07) 3646 8111
    • TPCH Ph: (07) 3139 4100
    • Redcliffe Ph: (07) 3883 7777
    • Caboolture Ph: (07) 5433 8888
    • STARS Ph: (07) 3647 7111

If you have been unable to resolve your query through the above pathways you can contact the GPLO team at and we may be able to assist you.


  • RBWH Ph: (07) 3646 3636
  • TPCH Ph: (07) 3139 4351
  • Redcliffe Ph: (07) 3883 7818
  • Caboolture Ph: (07) 5433 8844

Medical imaging details

To enable you to receive electronic correspondence from the hospitals, you must have your details up to date in the STS address book.

New mental health discharge summaries are coming soon. To be able to receive these, your practice will need to be set up for CDA discharge summaries. Information on how to set up for CDA discharge summaries as well as further information on the STS address book, The Viewer and Electronic Referrals can be found in Electronic Support for GPs – STS HPP CDA

Metro North Hospital and Health Service welcomes feedback from health providers.  If you would like to give positive or constructive feedback regarding specific patient care, please contact the treating team directly if able. Alternatively, you can contact patient liaison at the relevant hospital.

Note: If your feedback is regarding an outpatient referral prior to the patient being seen, please contact CPIU.

For complaints from patients or from GPs on their behalf:

If you would like to give feedback regarding referral platforms, health pathways or other affiliated systems, please contact the GPLO team. Also, if you are a health provider and have been unable to resolve an issue regarding a patient and would like assistance, would like to give a compliment or offer a suggestion that would improve our service, please contact the GPLO team at

  • Please visit the “Refer Your Patient” page for contact details for:
    • Virtual ED
    • Mental Health
    • Community Services
    • Alcohol and Drug Service
    • Residential Aged Care District Assessment and Referral Service

Specialist Advice Services for GPs – Metro North Health

Contact us

For more information about the General Practice Liaison Program or to provide feedback, please email

Refer a patient

Access the referral guidelines to refer a patient.

Referral Enquiries

To speak with a staff member about progress of referrals, please call the GP Referral Enquiry Hotline on 1300 364 938

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